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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Nationwide Arena Columbus OH

September 17 2015


Jack O'Handley bucked his jam band past to satisfy his curiosity about Taylor Swift. Who doesn't like a huge arena show? Well this one was packed with lights, effects, dancers, and lots and lots of Taylor Swift!

Peter Rowan Columbus

Peter Rowan

Woodlands Tavern Columbus OH

September 16 2015


A fixture in American folk and Bluegrass, Peter Rowan's career is long and decorated. The Grammy award winner and six time nominee took his gifts to Columbus Ohio where longtime fan Jack O'Handley was able to view the spectacular work of this American artist.

Turkuaz Columbus


Park Street Columbus OH

August 21 2015


The dance party that is known as Turkuaz meandered their way into Columbus OH where our man Jack O'Handley was blown away with their performance.



Woodlands Tavern Columbus OH

August 19 2015


Buckeye music lover Jack O'Handley checked out one of the hotten bands in the Ohio jam scene, Yosemight. Rain could not prevent the show, and after a quick move, a venue was set and the band was playing.

Phish Blossom


Blossom Music Center

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Our buckeye show reviewer, Jack O'Handley has seen a lot of shows this year. The Who, the Stones, Jane's Addiction, and he drove across the state to review Phish's latest appearance in the swing state. We've included video of the entire show for your enjoyment.

Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction

July 7 2015

LC Pavilion Columbus OH


It seems as if Jack O'Handley is the master of the last minute ticket opportunity. He used his magic once again to check out Jane's Addiction as they passed through Columbus, OH.

Big Something and Electric Orange Peel

Big Something and Electric Orange Peel

Woodlands Tavern Columbus, OH

July 23, 2015


Jake O'handley, Ohio native and huge music fan, and player in Rubix Wheel, went to check out two super hot bands on the rise.

The Who

The Who

May 15 2015

Ohio Stadium Columbus, OH


Jack O'Handley's classic rock journey and appreciation of the Who began when he was thirteen and continues to this day. So a pilgrimage to see one of the shows on their latest hits tour had him wondering if they could possibly hold up still, at their, ahem, experienced ages. He was not shocked necessarily to see that indeed they could hold up, and rock out as well.

Rolling Stones Ohio

The Rolling Stones

May 30 2015

Ohio Stadium Columbus, OH


Jack O'Handley, our buckeye state reporter, had the great experience of going to see one of the most classic bands of all time, the Rolling Stones, with his Mom in the hallowed Ohio stadium in Columbus, OH. We were able to include the Ohio state song, Hang On Sloopy, as sung by the Rolling Stones!!

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket

June 23 and 24, 2015

The Palace Theater Columbus, OH


Jack O'Handley, of the band Rubix Wheel, went to a two night stand of one of his favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, in Columbus, OH. We've included a pair of videos for you to scope, shot from the audience.