Dead and Company November 13 2015 Columbus OH

Dead and Company Columbus OhioDead and Company Nationwide Arena Columbus OH November 13 2015 by Jack Jolieri of Rubix Wheel  Live Photo by Scott Preston of

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So I bought my ticket the night before and watched a couple videos to see how the boys sound with John Mayer.  It sounded alright on the crowd videos, but the pro shot with Franklin’s Tower sounds amazing. I ended up going to three parking garages before I found one that took credit.  Walked on into the show and found my seat.  There was a nice kid from Malaysia who had the seat next to me.  Huge John Mayer fan: his first concert ever.

Full Show Audio:

Bob Weir walked out and said some words about the Paris events.  “The people who did that in Paris are the people who don’t want music to happen….we have to stop them.”  The crowd was hungry and into it from the get go.

Half Step was the opener, with some good laid back solos from Mayer.  Brown Eyed Women was next.  I play this one with my band and I must say they did a great job at it.  Bird Song was soothing and spacey, somewhat reflective of Paris as well.  What I didn’t know at the time of the show was that it was actually played almost as a healing effort for the people of Paris.  Somewhat mellow and thought provoking first set. Standing on the Moon was geared toward the crowd, and spotlights shone out on the Arena all around the crowd. Cumberland picked up the pace, with the band playing tighter than ever.  It felt like a ’72 show.

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After a somewhat low key first set, and a nice set break, during which I got to meet some of the wonderful people around me, the second set began with great vigor. Playing in the Band was iconic, and the China Cat was off the hook.  China Rider is one of my favorite song transitions, and it was done flawlessly.  The band had obviously done some lengthy rehearsing, and John had studied hard on the material of an iconic band.  We even got an Eyes of the World, one of my favorite Dead songs.

Eyes was energetic and the crowd was gobbling the second set up.  Drums and Space was fun to experience again, as I don’t recall seeing that live since The Other Ones Tour back in 2002.  It was intense and Mickey had his special high tech space machines to take us into the trance zone.  Then The Wheel felt like the most euphoric song of the night.  But Touch of Grey Encore (Dedicated to the People of Paris) was my favorite.  Somehow, each and every one of us will get by.  And that was the anthem that we left with.

Everyone experiences his/her own struggles, but hard times pass and good times come back again.  I went into this show with somewhat low expectations.  I didn’t think Mayer was the ideal fit, but the Dead and Company show was an example of how focused the Dead’s shows always were.  A community of people come together and get to experience a band that is still Truckin’ in their 60’s, and they put on the shows because they know they can still play/sing well.  Bobby’s vocals were on that night, and Billy’s drumming was spot on throughout the night.  Chimenti did some awesome work on the keyboards the whole night.

I might add that where I sat the sound wasn’t that good, but when I listened back to the tape of the show, I realized how great it was.  Sometimes a band might do a show that is celebratory, sometimes somber.  This show was both, and not everyone knew that during the show.  Bewildered as we were during the first set, the celebration was during the second.

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (preceded by Bob Weir honoringmore

Brown Eyed Women (John Mayer on lead vocals)

Tennessee Jed

Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon cover) 

Bird Song  (John Mayer on lead vocals

Standing on the Moon (John Mayer on lead vocals

Cumberland Blues

Set 2:

Playing in the Band

China Cat Sunflower (John Mayer on lead vocals) (>)

I Know You Rider

Eyes of the World  (> Oteil Burbridge bass solo > jam

Drums into Space (>)

The Wheel  (with reggae jam) (>

Black Peter (>

Playing in the Band  (Reprise) (>

Good Lovin’ (The Young Rascals cover) 


Touch of Grey (Bob Weir: “This is for the city of Paris”)

submitted by: Jack from Rubix Wheel

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Check out the review of Dead and Company Worcester MA here with full show audio and some videos.    

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