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Articles in the Instruction and Advice section will be advice for industry professionals and touring musicians on a variety of subjects concerning the modern live musician. Instructional advice, instrument advice, how to be in a band, and how to operate a band business will all be included.

Why You Should Use Happy Plugs Earbuds

Are you looking for a great set of earbuds to use while you're on the go? If so, you should check out Happy Plugs...

The Greatest Live Performances of Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is, without a doubt, one of the finest musicians to ever live. His enthusiastic performances, coupled with his soulful voice and physical...

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An Interview with Sunsquabi

By Jordan KravitzThis interview was conducted during the North Beach festival in Miami Beach, Florida in early December 2023.INTV:All right. We're at the Bandshell.Who...

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