On Friday, June 7, The Stacys played the Aztec Shawnee Theater with Full Stack Fury, The Hard Margarets and T Minus One.

“The Stacys are a rock band based out of Kansas City, Missouri blending the sounds of blues and grunge while adding a psychedelic feel. The band is made up of Christ, Neal and Alex Roach on guitars, vocals, and drums while Kyle Sargent rounds out the band on bass.

“Chris, Neal, and Alex have been well established in the Kansas City music scene, being in a multitude of bands such as Odius, Tripfix, and the Neal Roach Band and Kyle formerly of The Third Floor. They wanted to break away from more standard rock and bring a new feel to this project, incorporating melodic harmonies while also still packing a punch. Chris’ rhythm guitar and angsty vocals are balanced out by Neal’s intricate leads and soulful lyrics with Alex and Kyle making sure to keep the heart beating on the low end.

“The Stacys are consistently writing new music, frequently in the studio, and active on stage. While live, they bring a dynamic energy which has resulted in opening for bands such as Smile Empty Soul and Red Line Chemistry. We are strong supporters of the Shoegaze movement and plan to expand into new markets in 2024.”

Their debut EP Drawn  From The Hat was released in 2018 followed by two singles in 2021 – “Free At Last” and “Let Me Go On.” With Sargent joining the Roaches in 2023, three singles have been released – the darkly dreamscape “Blackfoot”; a tale of devastation and desperation “Tell Me Your Name”; and their most recent single released in April “Wherever I Go.”

I interviewed The Stacys about their first time playing the Aztec Shawnee Theater and their plans for 2024:

How would you describe yourselves as a band?

The Stacys: Labels are for beer bottles. We are 4 brothers “highly” influenced by ‘70s and early ‘90s rock, metal and blues with psychedelic elements. Honestly we just wanna have a good time doing what we love, which is writing music and partying on stage.

How did you get involved with the Full Stack Fury EP release show?

The Stacys:  The guys in Full Stack Fury and The Hard Margarets are our brothers and T Minus One is awesome, so when Full Stack Fury brought up the idea for the show we were super stoked to jump on the bill.

What is your typical live show like?

The Stacys: We’re not sure how the audience would describe it, but from the stage it feels like madness that goes by way too fast – kind of like organized chaos!

How do you feel overall about the gig?

The Stacys: It was our first time playing a theater and The Aztec Theater did not disappoint. We felt like we got a good response from the audience.

What do you want to achieve as a band for 2024?
The Stacys:  We would like to continue touring regionally and get back in the studio to start the next chapter of the band.

Check out the band’s website (https://www.thestacysband.com/

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