Review and Photography by Joel Shover  @JoelShoverPhotography

Acclaimed Grammy and Juno Award winning Canadian multi-Instrumentalist singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan brought the 30th anniversary tour of her third studio certified platinum album “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” to the picturesque Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday, June 22nd 2024 . Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was originally released in October of 1993 and only took 3 weeks to show it was here to stay forever with selling well over 3 million copies worldwide.

Having the honor to see Sarah McLachlan on this tour let alone photograph is very special to me. A few years back Sarah was in South Florida to accept an award at Artis Naples. Sarah is so nice and down to earth that she decided to take an Uber that I happened to be driving. I did not know it was her until she sat in the passenger seat next to me and asked what I was listening to on the radio. I was listening to the brand-new John Mayer part one release of “The Search for Everything” that had dropped earlier that morning. We spoke briefly about how great it sounded then she took a phone call, and I dropped her off to buy her new dress to accept the award later that evening. If you’re reading this, Thanks Sarah!

The late afternoon New England thunderstorms couldn’t keep the sold-out crowd from lining up at every entrance waiting to get in and experience this trip back in time. Some fans took advantage of and early entry party that included making your own flower crowns! These wicked cool crowns could be seen everywhere throughout the crowd!

As fans made their way to their seats, there was one fan that was there without a ticket, and it was a large heron bird perched atop the tent. Though there are many superstitions of the heron I’ll share the Celtic version since we’re in Boston; “In Celtic mythology, herons can represent persistence and longevity, and are thought to be the reincarnation of Rhiannon, the goddess of lakes and waters.” I’d say Sarah McLachlan playing her album in its entirety 30 years after its release, in Boston, by the water gives that bird every right to be at that show!

Feist, an amazing Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist got the evening started with indie pop sounds that have had the fans captivated since 1999.  “The Circle Married the Line” started the set and then Feist went on to play numerous hits including “How Com You Never Go There”, “Hiding Out In Open”, “Let it Die” and the crowd bouncing sing-along song of “1,2,3,4”!

Check out the gallery of photos from the set by Feist here.

Sarah McLachlan took the stage to the cheering crowd, and she played hit after hit after hit! Sarahs vocals have blossomed with time, and I can still hear her voice echoing her sweet melodical sounds. Sarah opened the show with “Sweet Surrender” and played hits like “I will Remember You”, “Song For My Father”, “world on Fire”, and “Adia” before diving right into the full “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” album.

The night wasn’t over yet as Sarah sang Happy Birthday to her daughter Taja and her guitar tech Brian that also happened to share the same birthday. Taja then requested Abba’s famed song “Dancing Queen” and Sarah obliged. Because of the venue curfew there was only time for one more as Sarah gave the fans the choice of a new song or “Angel” every fan left the venue echoing in the arms of an angel. 

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6/30 Atlanta, GA

7/2 Rogers, AR

7/3 Irving, TX

7/5 Austin, TX

7/6 Sugar Land, TX

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  1. The Circle Married the Line
  2. Mushaboom
  3. The Bad in Each Other
  4. My Moon My Man
  5. How Come You Never Go There
  6. Hiding Out in the Open
  7. Brandy Alexander
  8. In Lightning
  9. I Feel It All
  10. 1,2,3,4
  11. Let It Die

Sarah McLachlan Setlist:

  1. Sweet Surrender
  2. Building a Mystery
  3. I Will Remember You
  4. Drifting
  5. Song for My Father
  6. World on Fire
  7. Adia
  8. Beautiful Girl
  9. Answer
  10. Witness
  11. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  12. Possession
  13. Wait
  14. Plenty
  15. Good Enough
  16. Mary
  17. Elsewhere
  18. Circle
  19. Ice
  20. Hold On
  21. Ice Cream
  22. Fear
  23. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  24. Encore:
  25. Happy Birthday to You

(Mildred J. Hill & Patty Hill cover) (To her daughter, Taja, and guitar tech, Brian)

(ABBA cover) (with Melissa McClelland) (Daughters request)

(with Melissa McClelland) (Ran out of time / curfew and gave audience choice of hearing a new song or “Angel”)

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