Memorial Hall, June 19, 2024 by Gary Alpert

The Wood Brothers brought their unique blend of folk, blues, and Americana to Plymouth Memorial Hall on June 19, 2024, for a night of soulful melodies and engaging storytelling. The historic venue, with its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening of music.

The band kicked off the show with “Between The Beats,” immediately setting a lively tone that had the audience hooked from the first note. Oliver Wood’s gritty, soulful vocals paired seamlessly with Chris Wood’s smooth, melodic bass lines, creating a dynamic start to the night. The energy continued with “Tried And Tempted,” a fan favorite that showcased the brothers’ tight harmonies and infectious rhythm.

“Alabaster” followed, its catchy melody and upbeat tempo energizing the crowd even further. The audience was visibly moved by “Cry Over Nothing,” a poignant ballad that highlighted Oliver’s emotive vocal delivery and the band’s lyrical depth. Jano Rix’s versatile musicianship shone through as he switched between drums, shuitar, and keyboards, adding rich layers to the band’s sound.

The setlist continued with “Little Bit Sweet” and “Far From Alone,” both songs capturing the band’s ability to blend introspective lyrics with captivating melodies. “Happiness Jones” brought a burst of joy and energy, its upbeat rhythm prompting the audience to clap and sing along. The soulful “Heartbreak Lullaby” and the rollicking cover of “I Got Loaded” kept the momentum going, showcasing the band’s versatility and range.

“River Takes The Town” and “Blue And Green” provided moments of introspection, with heartfelt lyrics and evocative instrumentation. “Little Bit Broken” and “Sing About It” had the crowd swaying and singing along, the latter’s uplifting message resonating deeply with fans.

The performance of “Satisfied” was a standout moment, with its powerful lyrics and dynamic arrangement. “Pilgrim” closed the main set on a high note, leaving the audience eager for more.

Next was a three-song journey, beginning with “Big Mic,” a playful and energetic tune. “The Muse” followed, its harmonious vocals and intricate musicianship captivating the audience. The beautiful rendition of “Angel Band” brought a sense of closure, its ethereal harmonies creating a serene atmosphere.

The Wood Brothers treated fans to “Postcards From Hell,” a soulful and introspective number that highlighted their storytelling prowess. “Wastin’ My Mind” and “Little Blue” continued to engage the audience, blending reflective lyrics with engaging melodies.

The final encore of the night featured “Luckiest Man,” a heartfelt and uplifting song that resonated deeply with the crowd. The evening concluded with “Honey Jar,” an energetic and rollicking number that had everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along. The infectious groove and spirited performance left the audience clamoring for more, ensuring that the night ended on a high note.

Throughout the concert, the Wood Brothers’ genuine appreciation for their audience was evident. They frequently interacted with the crowd, sharing stories and expressing gratitude for the support. This rapport added a personal touch to the performance, making the night feel like a shared experience rather than just a show.

In summary, the Wood Brothers’ concert at Plymouth Memorial Hall was a masterful display of musicianship and heartfelt artistry. Their seamless blend of genres, coupled with their engaging stage presence, made for an unforgettable evening. Fans left the hall with hearts full of music and anticipation for the band’s next visit to Plymouth.

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night by Gary Alpert here.

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