When heading out to a new venue (new for me), I usually pack a little curiosity. I guess there is meaning in the saying “Whatever happens is gonna happen.” I’m glad I packed that because this is a wild adventure that sadly, some folks won’t believe.

My Uber driver was friendly and dropped me off close to the Stadium. I walked down a couple of streets and got in line for security. As I passed through the last checkpoint, I felt a wave of euphoria roll over me. I had made it. This was the big show. This was Ohio’s favorite team. This is the place where the biggest underdogs came back and unlocked the Bud Light Coolers. Ok. Now I had to “work” for my ticket. As we walked through the ground floor of the Stadium, we were packed like sardines, and I am glad folks kept calm. “There’s no crowd like a Rolling Stones crowd.” It felt like a trip to the Zoo, so many bodies squished together in the hot, humid, Ohio weather. Ninety One degrees baby. Let’s party, let’s let our hair down. Let’s rock!

The opening band was called Ghost Hounds, a nod to classic rockers like Black Crowes/Led Zeppelin stuff. Catchy songs and good images, with incredible stage presence, made them a fun act to observe.

Then came the Stones. This was my first time seeing them with the new drummer. They are all in tip-top shape, and they actually sound “better” than they did in 2015. Mick was singing great, and constantly getting the crowd into the show. “Hello Cleveland,” he said he had waited 20 years to say that, and it felt good. Keith came out and played a 3 song set to give Mick a break. “T and A”, “Tell Me Straight”, and “Happy”(with Ronnie Wood on Lap Steel). The first highlight was “Sympathy for the Devil”. Everyone stood up and rocked out, and the energy in the stadium was indescribable. The LED screens depicted a moving snake, twisting and reaching up and around a pillar on each side of the stage.

The second highlight was “Can’t Always Get What You Want.” This song contains references to Janis, Jimi, and the protests of the 60s. Folks sang along with Mick. It was a lot of fun. The third highlight was “Gimme Shelter,” a song about imminent doom and sheltering from evil. The backup singer came forward on stage to sing the line, “Rape, Murder! It’s just a shot away, it’s just
a shot away!” She sang it with such passion and strength, and it felt like everyone could relate. The crowd cheered loudly. At one point Mick mentioned they played Cleveland in ’64. “There weren’t many people there, but it was rowdy.” They even played “Monkey Man”, a rare song I love off “Let it Bleed”.

This was my 4th time seeing the Rolling Stones, a controversial band with a huge, rabid following. I was honored to sit in the 500 section and meet new friends there. I feel a special bond to this band, something a lot of people feel. What the Stones went through, how they kept healthy, and why they lasted so long will always be a mystery. Honestly, I have hope that they will come through Ohio again someday. I don’t think 80 is that old anymore. And I think we can all learn something from this band. It is good to fight for the life you want, and sometimes, it is good to break the rules. It is good to question those in power, and in the end, nothing really matters. Life is a ride; did you enjoy it?


Start Me Up

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (but I Like It)

Let’s Spend the Night Together


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
(Fan-voted song)

Monkey Man

Whole Wide World

Tumbling Dice

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
(followed by band introductions)

Tell Me Straight
(Keith Richards on lead vocals)

Little T&A
(Keith Richards on lead vocals)

(Keith Richards on lead vocals)

Sympathy for the Devil

Honky Tonk Women

Miss You

Gimme Shelter

Paint It Black

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

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