Photos and Words by Gary Alpert – June 14, 2024

On a warm June evening, Trombone Shorty and his band lit up the Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston with a performance that was nothing short of electrifying. The outdoor venue was packed with fans eager to experience the energy and musicianship that Trombone Shorty, also known as Troy Andrews, is renowned for. From the moment the band took the stage, it was clear that the night would be memorable.

Setlist Highlights

Here Come The Girls The night kicked off with “Here Come The Girls,” setting an exuberant tone. The song’s infectious rhythm had the crowd on their feet, dancing and clapping along. Trombone Shorty’s dynamic trombone play and charismatic stage presence were immediately evident.

Do To Me Next up was “Do To Me,” a sultry and groovy tune that showcased the tight synergy between the band members. The powerful brass section and Andrews’ versatile vocal range made this a standout moment early in the set.

Let’s Go Crazy (Prince Cover) Trombone Shorty’s cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” was a bold choice that paid off immensely. The rendition was both a respectful tribute and a high-energy adaptation that had everyone singing along. The band’s ability to channel Prince’s spirit while infusing their unique style was impressive.

Backatown The title track from his 2010 album, “Backatown,” brought a blend of funk, jazz, and rock. The extended instrumental solos allowed each band member to shine, demonstrating their individual prowess and collective harmony. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause and cheers.

Something Beautiful “Something Beautiful” slowed the pace down just a bit, offering a soulful and melodic interlude. The emotional depth of this piece highlighted Andrews’ skill not just as a performer, but as a storyteller through music.

Fire on the Bayou “Fire on the Bayou” brought a heavy dose of New Orleans funk to Boston. The band’s rendition of this classic radiated with the vibrant spirit of their hometown, transporting the audience straight to the heart of the Big Easy.

Medley: On Your Way Down / When the Saints Go Marching In / Wind Me Up Chuck / On Your Way Down A masterful medley that included “On Your Way Down,” “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “Wind Me Up Chuck,” and a reprise of “On Your Way Down” was a tour de force. This segment was a rollercoaster of emotions and styles, blending traditional jazz with modern funk and rock elements. The seamless transitions and spirited performance had the crowd in a frenzy especially when Troy and members of his band wandered through the crowds high fiving, hugging and even signing a fan’s cast!

Encore: Hurricane Season The night concluded with “Hurricane Season,” an explosive encore that left the audience craving more. The high-octane energy, fast-paced rhythms, and dazzling solos provided a perfect climax to an unforgettable concert.

Trombone Shorty and his band delivered a performance that was both technically impressive and emotionally engaging. Their ability to blend genres seamlessly, along with Trombone Shorty’s magnetic stage presence, made for a show that was as entertaining as it was musically rich. The Leader Bank Pavilion proved to be an ideal setting, with its open-air atmosphere adding to the communal and celebratory vibe of the evening.

For fans of Trombone Shorty and those new to his music, the June 14th concert in Boston was a testament to the power of live performance and the universal language of music. It was a night where New Orleans’ vibrant sounds met Boston’s enthusiastic audience, creating a harmonious and joyous celebration of music.

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