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Jimm O'Donnell

I get around New England and Eastern New York to see a lot of live music, and I write about it. I’ll relate my observations, thoughts, and feelings, speaking from my own experience only; but I don’t ‘review’ performances. I’m a lover, not a critic- of music that is. These musings are expressed purely from my own viewpoint for enjoyment (mine and yours). Other ramblings may creep in here and there as I share these “memoiryviews” as I like to call them. Maybe I take myself a bit too seriously (some may say), but I really am having fun- and it took me a long time to come to this point….

Green River Festival

Green River Festival, Greenfield, MA July 12 2019 by Jimm O'D This is the first in a several part...

Matthew Thornton

Matthew Thornton at Luthier's Coop July 18 2019 Matthew Thornton was "discovered" (happened upon, really) by a certain humble...

Ex-Temper, Fred Abong, Kristin Hersh at the Iron Horse

Ex-Temper, Fred Abong, Kristin Hersh at the Iron Horse June 19 2019 by Jimm OD

Cultural Chaos

Cultural Chaos is an annual street festival in Easthampton that this year was June 8 2019 by Jimm OD

Hobo Flats at the Deck Bar

Located in the historic Union Station in Northampton, MA June 7, 2019 by Jimm OD There's all kinds of...

Lisa Martin at Luthiers Co-op

Performing live at Luthiers Co-op in Easthampton, MA on June 6 2019 by Jimm OD "I went to catch...

Soul Magnets

Soul Magnets at New City Brew Easthampton, MA by Jimm OD May 31, 2019 How many times in...

When You Got the Blues Luthier’s Co-Op

Luthier's Co-Op May 17 2019 by Jimm OD I came in the 'other' door at Luthier's  Co-op, or...

The Colbys at Collegian Court

The Colbys; Special Guest Marion Groves, with Guy & Koko at the Collegian Court May 24, 2019 by Jimm OD

Random Sighting

Larry Dulong and Random Sighting Performing at Granby Outpost March 29 2019 by Jimm OD These...