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I get around New England and Eastern New York to see a lot of live music, and I write about it. I’ll relate my observations, thoughts, and feelings, speaking from my own experience only; but I don’t ‘review’ performances. I’m a lover, not a critic- of music that is. These musings are expressed purely from my own viewpoint for enjoyment (mine and yours). Other ramblings may creep in here and there as I share these “memoiryviews” as I like to call them. Maybe I take myself a bit too seriously (some may say), but I really am having fun- and it took me a long time to come to this point….

Roger Salloom

Roger Salloom Glendale Ridge August 17 2019 by Jimm OD "You know" says the star of tonight's show, "Woodstock...

Adam Ezra Reviewed by Jimm O’D

Adam Ezra Group performs live at Celebrate Holyoke August 25 2019 by Jimm OD Adam Ezra and his band...

Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie at Celebrate Holyoke August 24 2019 by Jimm OD Arlo Guthrie playing a show at Celebrate Holyoke...

StompBox Trio review by Jimm O’D

StompBox Trio at The Porch in Florence August 23 2019 StompBox Trio performed...

The Kings with James Montgomery

The Kings with James Montgomery - Whalley Park, Southwick MA 14 Aug 19 by Jimm OD This is an...


Galvanizer at Progression Brewery August 8 2019 GALVANIZER ~ were, in a word, EXCELLENT!

Ladama Review Green River Festival

Greenfield MA Friday July 12 by Jimm O'D. This is a multi part series of reviews that Jimm...

Rebirth Band Review by Jimm O’D

Luthier's Co-op Easthampton MA July 19 2019 by Jimm O'D Rebirth band should play more. Not longer, necessarily -...

Angelique Kidjo Review by Jimm O’D

Angelique Kidjo at Green River Festival July 13 2019 This is part of a series written by Jimm O'D...

Parsonsfield Greenfield MA

Parsonsfield at Green River Festival July 12 2019 by Jimm O'D This is the second of a multi part...