Photo by Jimm O'D

Adam Ezra Group performs live at Celebrate Holyoke August 25 2019 by Jimm OD

Adam Ezra and his band are clearly road buddies with a whole lotta miles travelled together. That ‘feel’ between ’em, that well-worn rapport, works greatly in their favor too. This music has the feel of many miles travelled and at least as many roads taken, tested, and turned aside in the long journey shared by a tight and rambling group of compadre-minstrels.

I’m imagining a ‘what-if’ scenario. Flashing back not much mote than twelve hours to just before SDCB raised the canvas roof, I have a picture with the headliner, Arlo Guthrie front-and-center as he was, but with the Adam Ezra Group backing him up. What a great match this would be- assuming AEG didn’t steal the show from AG. Their two gritty, rail-riding voices would go great together.  And the music, similarly descended from indigenous origins, directly by blood in the one case, and roundabout with Worldly infusions in the other, well… I can only imagine.

The two bands together would have an extra drummer- except there’s never such a thing, is there? Also, the junior Guthrie’s keys would certainly fit right in, and wouldn’t it be nice if he could share the load at the low end with Ezra’s bass player…?

After a too-long time since last enjoying the Adam Ezra experience, it is really quite refreshing to get an hour or so of his earthy voice and authentic manner. This guy is real; his level of sincerity couldn’t possibly be contrived or anything but organic. Likewise the band shares the kind of familiarity that breeds conviviality. The sense of community that flows from this band borders on fellowship.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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