John Mayer Sold Out Madison Square Garden in New York City on February 20 2022 by Joel Shover A continuation of the tour coverage…

As The Sob Rock era continues on after a day of rest, we’ve now made it to the first Sunday show of the tour. What better place than the world famous and intimate Madison Square Garden in beautiful New York City. “Never miss a Sunday show” is a phrase echoed throughout the music community for, “it is the best night for music”, says John Mayer himself.

Fans made the journey to the Garden from places as far as Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain, Argentina, and good old Florida with vaccine cards in hand for entry. There is nothing more nostalgic for me than attending an event at MSG. From the walk up the ramp upon entry to the memorabilia on the walls and of course when you enter the arena and feel the warmth of the walls and ceiling, you just know you’re in for a great night of music because of what the history brings out of every performer to grace the stage here.

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Alexander 23 the new sensation to hit the pop market posted on his social media how excited he was to play MSG right before he took the stage. This would mark only his 3rd show and he’s playing the Garden! He came out rocking and having fun with the crowd as he seemed to be now adjusting to the new fame on that stage. They played a good 30 minutes of great new music including the chart-topping cover from Tears for Fears, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” which was enjoyed by the sold-out crowd.

All Aboard! John Mayer and his band hit the stage running and never looked back with hit after hit after hit and even a new live debut. The first night of Sob Rock at MSG started off with “Last Train Home” and the ever jamming new hit “Shot in The Dark” both from the new album Sob Rock.

John Mayer Albany NY review

It didn’t take long for John to bust out a tune from Continuum, “Belief” which was followed by crowd sing along favorite, “Something Like Olivia” from Born and Raised. It was back to Sob Rock for the emotional ballad “I Guess I Just Feel Like”. The Search for Everything was next with the hit song “Helpless” this new Keytar solo is absolutely fun and so eighties.

The crowd wasn’t really ready for the next smash single “Your Body is a Wonderland” from Room for Squares. Fans in attendance were overheard saying “I didn’t know he had this many hits”. These fans were learning the lesson tonight that John Mayer is a master musician! The mood slowed to a groove with “I Don’t Trust Myself with Loving You” from Continuum as John worked his foot pedal magic giving us that wawa sound we know and love.

John Mayer night two MSG acoustic

“Wild Blue” still trying to find its home in the setlist was the fifth tune off Sob Rock tonight. John didn’t need matches to set fire to everything he sees. He was playing off the energy of this sold-out crowd. “Edge of Desire” was next. This song continues to get better and better when it was great from the start. Mayer never ceases to amaze as his songs evolve with him.

The live debut of Sob Rock’s “Till the Right One Comes” took the sold-out crowd by surprise, and John nailed it to the crowd’s response we’re going to be hearing this one a lot more. The show was clinched! The band had stunned the crowd at MSG, but there was more music to come and a little “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”.  The new single “New Light” has found a new spot in the setlist for this stop which left the crowd wondering what John could be saving for the encore.

“Waiting on the World to Change” kept the crowd singing along like the night had just started, singing right into the soul-full blues song “All I Want is to Be with You” from Sob Rock. It was 10:46pm there was time for more what would it be?  The band graciously came back on the stage thanking the sold-out crowd and John hit the first notes of his Grammy award winning song “Gravity” as every guest in the arena held their cell phone lights high and swayed them in the air. It was enough to give you goosebumps.  If you want goosebumps then go see live music!

Till the next show…. Joel

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Check out Joel’s review of the Los Angeles SOB tour preview with tons of video.

John Mayer Albany NY review

John Mayer night two MSG acoustic