Immersed in the Sonic Mastery of Born of Osiris through Their Technical Brilliance

The American progressive metal band Born of Osiris began back in Chicago in 2003. The group has changed its name many times over, finally coming to land with this one based on the Egyptian deity Osiris, the god of the afterlife.

Their music genre also did an undertaking. They started with more satirical rap songs like “Stressed” and “HopeYouDie.” They eventually moved on to more of a deathcore sound in 2007 with the name change, with the song initially called “Narnia” then later changing it to “The Takeover.” 

Bands like these don’t come around too often; their energy and tenacity are something that most groups wish they could hold onto as they grow. They have become one of the most influential groups in the metal scene, standing the test of time.

Their Deathcore Roots

Metal, deathcore, prog-metal, metalcore, whatever you want to call it – the sound that Born of Osiris has mastered has elements of many different genres and musical styles. The impressiveness of their playing, just like how they sound in the recording, is nothing short of astounding; it’s clear that they take the time to work hard on their transitions and make their mark as authentic, genuine musicians.

I had the privilege to hear them perform “Two Worlds of Design,” which is one of my favorite songs from their album The Discovery from 2011. My favorite opening lyrics say,  

“Will we ever really learn of our creation / Or will this century Claim the natural domain?”  

These are such thought-provoking words and paired with the constant and rhythmic drums and guitar that follow the lead singer’s suit, it’s a powerful message. So many of their songs are diverse, with technical elements that bring out pain and anguish, a perfectly brilliant portrayal, and an excellent display of the group’s intelligence.

Musicianship is Key

The band members’ technical expertise far exceeds the fact that they aren’t spring chickens any longer. However, they understand their music on a deeper level; they know when to bring out the beautiful moments and then allow the instruments to transport you before bringing you back down (with a loud crash, I might add). 

Transitions and introducing new progressions on stage are crafted with a refinery that you can hear on the albums but don’t expect to actually see first-hand. These musicians have worked well with each other over the years and know how to read not only each other’s queues, so it all seems to work seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Even with the mastery behind their music, all of their songs resonate with the audience. It’s hard not to hoot, holler and scream along. Born of Osiris knows just how to pull on your heartstrings but also make things fun and not overly complex. Groovy guitar riffs,  and heavy drums catch your attention, and then when you hear the words, your mind takes you right into the soul of the matter, and the band members are absolute gurus at dealing with breakdowns.

Diverse Songs and Powerful Melodies

Ronnie Canaizaro, an original member and vocalist, has kept up with the changes over the last fifteen years. Many singers tend to lose their edge or change their vocal style, but he cares for his voice and packs a robust and reliable punch to each line he sings, showing he knows how to keep his instrument in great shape. 

Joe Buras is another vocalist who knows how to take the melodies and make them feel more colorful, bringing life into some of the gritty melodies. The contrast he brings to the songs reminds me of some of the Linkin Park-esque sounds that pioneer the harshness, but Buras has a distortion that seems unmatched, further solidifying the group’s musicality.

The excellent drum playing is done by none other than Cameron Losch, another founding member of the band. He plays with such ease, knowing the songs by heart and filling in with some extra booms and bursts to give the songs some of his personality. He doesn’t always play with the same rhythm, but even so, he knows how to bring a new feel to the backend of each song. He gives his expertise through some insane drum solos, showing off his incredible musicianship.

Guitars by Nick Rossi and Lee McKinney are another aspect of the technical skills the group has as a whole. McKinney joined in 2007, and Rossi only in 2018, but both of them work together and off each other as if they have this unspoken language. Their musical skill comes from another level, which you can see if you’re reading guitar chords and attempting to recreate what is played.. They understand what great work is and allow one another to showcase talent when it’s called for, providing a necessary and powerful piece to the overall music.


I can only hope, after witnessing this mastery in person, that Born of Osiris has another album up its sleeve in the near future. There is so much to unpack from the level of musicianship and how they can relate to their audience in more ways than one. The songs are so memorable, and you’ll find yourself humming the guitar line or pounding your fist to the drums long after you’ve left the concert hall. 

Their albums deserve to be enjoyed over and over again, but I highly recommend seeing them live to witness the power that they unleash on the masses. Their energy and high level of intellect far surpass their original mastered recordings, and even though they’ve been on the scene for many years, they’ll be a band to talk about for more years to come. 

Upcoming Dates

Wed, AUG 16
Des Moines, IA

Thu, AUG 17
The Annex
Madison, WI

Fri, AUG 18
Art Theater
Hobart, IN

Sat, AUG 19
Leila Arboretum Society
Battle Creek, MI

Mon, AUG 21
Rum Runners
London, Canada

Tue, AUG 22
The Hub
Kitchener, Canada

Thu, AUG 24
Lee’s Palace
Toronto, Canada

Fri, AUG 25
The Brass Monkey
Ottawa, Canada

Sat, AUG 26
Théâtre Fairmount
Montréal, Canada

Sun, AUG 27
La Source de la Martinière
Québec, Canada

Tue, AUG 29
Rec Room
Buffalo, NY

Wed, AUG 30
The L
Horseheads, NY

Thu, AUG 31
Phantom Power
Millersville, PA

Fri, SEP 1
The Loud
Huntington, WV

Sat, SEP 2
Legends Bar & Venue
Cincinnati, OH

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