On Wednesday, December 20th, Hotel Cafe’s Main Stage hosted a night of music with AleMor and her talented and versatile band. The vivacious and exuberant Columbian singer/songwriter has had a lot to celebrate and continues to do so. AleMor has received two Latin Grammy nominations: in 2021 for her debut EP “ALEMOROLOGÍA” in the “Best Singer-Songwriter Album” category and in 2023 for her album “BEAUTIFUL HUMANS Vol. 1” in the “Best Vocal Pop Album” category. Additionally, she received a GRAMMY nomination in the “Best Latin Pop Album” category.

Hotel Cafe is a premier Hollywood venue showcasing the talents of emerging artists and as well as more well-known acts and performers. The spaces are intimate and inviting. There is the smaller Second Stage and larger Main Stage. Fitting with theme of Hotel Cafe supporting artists and bands working and thriving through their own efforts sometimes without major label representation and distribution, AleMor has released her two albums under her independent label, WizzMor Inc.

The artist based in Miami, Florida is making a name for herself and prominent impact in the music industry with her original mix of genres that feature R&B, soul, jazz, and bolero. Not to be put in one box or category, AleMor can sing multitude of language including Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. Something she is becoming renowned for, too, is making trumpet sounds with her mouth, that stun, captivate and excite audiences worldwide. AleMor works from an eclectic musical palette of color when it comes to her music that blends disparate elements of poetry, celebration, and introspection together.

All of these extraordinary assets were on display as part of AleMor’s unforgettable performance at Hotel Cafe. Delivering a high-energy show that put AleMor’s star power and magnetic personality front and center. The capacity audience was totally enjoying themselves and could be seen getting into the party spirit and vibe of the night. AleMor moved, danced and swooped her luscious brown locks of hair to and fro around her shoulders. She has an undeniable sex appeal that is “sexy” without being crude or base. AleMor is playful and spicy with her onstage image/persona.

Ultimately, AleMor is a serious artist that believes in the power of humanity to be creative and build communities together to foster that positive and uplifting mindset. She spoke eloquently during her set to relay and spread that important message to her fans.


  1. Tiempo
  2. Respira
  3. Agridulce
  4. Thick Skin
  5. Imperfect Protest
  6. Manekineko
  7. El Pincel
  8. Disco Rayado
  9. Kintsugui
  10. Y Que

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