March 30 2024 Waukegan IL by Jim Snyder

Peter Frampton went largely unnoticed, or was the quiet guitar wiz for bands like the Herd and Humble Pie. That is until he broke open with an arena rock sound with the release of Frampton Comes Alive in 1976 that defined his past, present and future. The legacy he built with that classic album, considered one of the best live albums in the classic rock era and righttfully so- continues to this day.

Frampton has a fascinating career, having been both the front man and a side man throughout, including a stint with David Bowie and Ringo Starr’s All Star Band. Fans were dismayed when he was slowed by a diagnosis of inclusion body myositis that nearly took him off of the road. That makes his return to the stage and to the Genesse all the more exciting.

The Frampton show was one not to be missed. The theatre was sold out and featured pristine sound- the perfect environment to take in this rock and roll legend. The backing band was on point, and throughout the show Frampton had a sense of humor and told amazing stories about his career that has spanned over a half of a century.

In an era when we are losing classic rock legends both to the passage of time and to retirment, it’s amazing to see someone with a love and passion so deep that it keeps them on the stage despite the limitations of the human body and mind. Frampton’s determination could serve us all when it comes to our ability to just keep on keeping at what we love.

The show was peppered with amazing material including covers from an amazing array of artists from The Beatles to Soundgarden plus nods to Nickolas Ashford and even Hoagy Carmichael. Material included his solo hits along with a trip all the way back to his Humble Pie days with “Shine On” appearing early in the set.

This amazing performer kept the audience enthralled with over three hours on stage. The night concluded with the amazingly appropriate “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Do not hesitate to go see this living legend while he is still on stage and on tour.

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