March 28th, 2024 The Wiltern Theatre Sleater-Kinney Rachel Dispenza (Comedian) Palehound Photos by A Rood Photography and Words by Lawrence Mann

I had just seen Sleater-Kinney at the Greek Theatre this past summer, so I knew it was going to be a great show.  However, after hearing their latest single “Untidy” on the their eleventh album Little Rope, I was really excited.  This album shows a growth in songwriting and Corin’s vocals are only getting stronger.

They made an impact from the get-go with “Hell.”  The guitars were heavy and vocals were spot on.  Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein took turns on vocals, sometimes on the same song, sometimes in unison.  

Check out the gallery of photos from this night by A Rood Photography here.

As usual, Carrie did all the between song banter.  It was brief, but very funny.  Her voice is so identifiable.  I could’t help but think she was going to go into a Portlandia skit.  Fred Armisen was in attendance, we were so close to a reunion!

As the band played, I started to concentrate on the scenery.  The backdrop showed 3 towering arches, which was achieved with a sheet, some cut-outs and lights and 2 chandeliers.  It gave the feel of being in a religious venue.  With that being said, it might not have been a religious experience, but Sleater-Kinney definitely brought the gospel.  

Corin has powerhouse vocals, while Carrie’s vocals are a bit more strained and punchy.  However, when they sing together, it is a beautiful thing.  This was made super clear halfway into the set, when they performed One More Hour.  The audience wished they had played one more hour, but they did a fantastic job showcasing their 30 year career by playing a couple of tunes from almost every album.  

Near the end of their set, Corin invited all the dancers to come to the front of the stage. The audience stayed at the front of the stage for the remainder of the show.  This worked out great for everyone.  The band received the energy from the crowd, the dancers were able to get super close to the band, and for the rest of us, we got some breathing room due to the volume of people in the venue.  

The Wiltern Theatre is the perfect mid-sized venue.  Great aesthetics, amazing sound and small enough to feel cozy.  The Little Rope proved to be advancement in the band’s career.  I’m dying to hear the growth on future releases.  See for yourself!

Set List:


Needlessly Wild

The Center Won’t Hold

Small Finds

No Cities To Love

All Hands On The Bad One

Hunt You Down

One More Hour

Hurry On Home

One More Hour

Don’t Feel Righty

Get Up

Can I Go On


Six Mistakes

Dress Yourself

The Fox

A New Wave

Modern Girl 

Untidy Creature


Good Things

Say It Like You Mean It

Dig Me Out


Check out the gallery of photos from this night by A Rood Photography here.

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