Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA on February 9th, 2022 hosted John Mayer on the first show of the tour. by Joel Shover

As if having tickets to ninety percent of the East Coast leg of the tour wasn’t enough John Mayer announced a pop-up VIP show hosted by his longtime friend Andy Cohen in conjunction with SiriusXM and Pandora Live Small Stage Series at The Hollywood Palladium, in Hollywood, California. And magically, this day was my 50th Birthday, February 9th, 2022. This show was the first on this tour to promote his latest Album, SOB ROCK.

With a quick finger to RSVP, I was on the list to enter this special VIP event. Airfare is now booked, it’s time to head west with my headphones on. I boarded a flight with a song in the back of my soul. What is it about the mystique of John Mayer that we want to live vicariously through his music catalog, through the joys and through the heartfelt pains? Mayer’s musical journey has made us aware, in a room full of squares as we continued to study battle through, where we were born, and how we were raised into the valley of paradise, to find everything in our search for Sob Rock.

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Love him or loathe him, he is the total package. A true gentleman and a legendary musician, and just an overall great guy that is nothing short of being a musical genius. John Mayer is a Fairfield Connecticut native who attended Boston’s Berklee School of Music but dropped out to pursue his dreams. Those dreams started with a VHS of Back to the Future where Marty McFly wowed the crowd with his blues playing and a Stevie Ray Vaughan cassette. Those same dreams have earned John Mayer seven Grammy awards, including four Male Pop Vocal Performance awards.

On Feb 1st 2022, John humbly announced his touring bandmates through all facets of social media. The tour buzz was in the air and you could feel it. The band is as follows: John Mayer, (Guitar & Vocals), Lenny Castro, (Percussion), who played with the famed Boz Scaggs on the Silk Degrees world tour. You’ve also heard his unique sounds on Toto’s hit songs “Hold the Line”, “Rosanna” and “Africa” just to name a few. Next up is Steve Ferrone, (Drums,) born in England and is most notable for his tenure as the drummer for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. David Ryan Harris (Guitar, Vocals) is Mayer’s longtime friend that has been playing music with Mayer since he left Berklee for Atlanta, GA.

On the first set of keyboards is Jamie Muhoberac who has worked with The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Seal and Jane’s Addiction just to name a few. Our next keyboardist hails from Los Angeles, California is Greg Phillinganes. Greg has an impressive resume that includes works with Stevie Wonder and the late Michael Jackson. Taking the role as the guitarist’s guitarist is Isaiah Sharkey from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois that has played all over the spectrum with the likes of Keith Urban, Boyz II Men, and Mike Posner. Two veteran vocalists put the finishing touches on the band and they are Tiffany Palmer and Carlos Ricketts who have worked with Kool & The Gang, Chaka Khan, and Janet Jackson respectively.

I arrived in Los Angeles just after midnight on the 9th. After checking into my suite at the beautiful W Hollywood Hotel, in the heart of Hollywood, I was only a short walk to the Palladium. This is where I met Caleb from Pasadena, CA as we staked our claim for the rail. As the sun rose over the City of Angels, more fans from Montana, Florida, Washington DC, Connecticut, the nearby surrounding counties and as far away as Argentina were forming the line. Everyone in the line was full of anticipation as the sun beat down upon them. The super friendly staff hired for this event brought water out to thirsty fans. The hours passed and passed. There were Cheerleaders doing air stunts for our enjoyment while we waited. A-listers like Vanessa Hudgens and Heidi Klum were in attendance, just to name a few.

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Another hour had passed and the venue was now packed and ready for the intimate show of a lifetime. The crowd was surprised by a special giveaway, 2 signed new PRS Silver Sky Guitars. It was no surprise that our crew had a lot of luck on its side but Erin O’Malley had the true luck of the Irish when they announced her name for one of the guitars.

Next up was our gracious, heart of gold host, Andy Cohen. Andy made sure the crowd was happy and ready to hear his brother from another mother rock these small walls of the Palladium. And we were. John walked on stage as he thanked and hugged Andy. This was it. This was what we had all braved for the last 24 hours. All the traveling, it was finally here. I looked around that theater from the front row and thought for a moment how lucky I was to be celebrating my 50th birthday with all these beautiful souls on this special night.

John Mayer came out rocking with “Last Train Home” (Sob Rock), perhaps signaling that we were all home now. From emptiness to everything, “Belief” (Continuum). John had the crowd from the first note, as they stood mesmerized and singing along at the same time, we finally made it, like only we can. It was now time to tap into John’s last album, (The Search for Everything) for the rock ballad “Love on the Weekend”. “Wild Blue” (Sob Rock) was the next track that kept us singing and dancing along. If we were searching for a night together where things didn’t fall apart it was definitely here and “Shot in The Dark ”

John Mayer night two MSG acoustic

(Sob Rock) was the next hit with the crowd’s biggest response so far. The night was just getting started. It was now time for a little acoustic guitar for John Mayer and from the familiar scent lofting in the air came our next song from the album (Battle Studies) “Who Says” by the end of the song we were all ready to plan a trip to Japan alone. So, consider me as good as gone as we opened (The Search for Everything) one more time with “Moving on and Getting Over.” “It Shouldn’t Matter but It Does” another new track from (Sob Rock) brought back another fine-tuned acoustic guitar for John to play.

Now that road keeps rolling on forever, but if I’m “Helpless” please tell me now, tell, me now, tell, me now. I yelled up to John and asked if he solved the WORDLE today? He proceeded to tell the crowd he solved said WORDLE at 12:01am and that he only lives WORDLE to WORDLE as he has some fun with the crowd. Up next was the heart pulling blues tones of (Continuum) “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” As Mayer slowly swayed and methodically noodled his PRS Guitar to our inner minds and souls the room was definitely heating up but what happened next was not the meaning of the lyrics, “We’re going down.” A fan was having a medical emergency and John Mayer, being that straight up good guy we know and love, stopped the music mid note to make sure the fan got the medical attention that they needed.

Talk about taking a knee to another level! Well done, John, well done, hats off to you.

Everyone by now had caught their breath and we were waiting for more. “Waiting on the World to Change ” (Continuum) brought the crowd’s vocals back as they sang along with every word. It was all hush and don’t say a word as John tuned for the next hit “Edge of Desire”.(Battle Studies) This fan favorite had everyone swaying along with the rhythm singing along the chorus Don’t you forget about me.

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John then put the crowd where the light is with his chart topper “Gravity.”(TRY!) The clock was working like gravity now as we realized that there’s only an encore left but we still have goosebumps from waiting in line. How is that possible? Go see John Mayer on this tour and you’ll see for yourself. We were now treated to a first time ever played live “All I Want Is to Be with You” (Sob Rock) which brought tears to many of the fan’s eyes as they gazed up at the stage. John then told the crowd “I’m the boy in your other phone,” with his hit “New Light” (Sob Rock). Now what do we do with all this love, with all this love that’s running through our veins? John Mayer Sob Rock Tour Starts February 17, 2022 MVP Arena in Albany, New York. Go see live music.

Till the next show……Joel

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See the full gallery of photos from this show here.

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