On December 14 2021 Zebulon in Los Angeles welcomed Lady Blackbird. By Harriet Kaplan

Lady Blackbird (a.k.a Marley Munroe) is an incredible Los Angeles-based artist with a smoldering intensity that she puts forth in her craft with strong perspective and unique, distinctive voice all her own. It’s warm and luxurious. There is a lot of depth to the range and a power to it that is captivating. There is so much meaning and gravitas to her delivery in song. Her influences are varied and recall so many great vocalists in their own right including Billie Holliday, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan. Through the course of her career, Lady Blackbird has explored alt-pop to jazz stylings.

Promoting her debum album, “Black Acid Soul” she treated the audience at the Zebulon to a truly intimate performance with her accomplished band featuring GRAMMY award-nominated producer Chris Seefried on guitar and vocals, Jon Flaugher on upright bass, Sam Barsh on keyboard and Tamil Barzilay on drums.

“Black Acid Soul” features nine songs and seven were played live including “Blackbird,” “It’s Not That Easy,” “Black Acid,” “Collage,” “Five Five Tall,” “Ruler of My Heart,” “It’ll Never Happen Again,” and “Lost and Looking.” Other highlights in the set was a Moby cover and a song Lady Blackbird just recorded, “Walk with Me” that was recently recorded with Moby.

“This Winter”(a duet recorded with Jamie Cullum from his Christmas album) and an searing and exhilarating cover Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” were additional highlights of this great show. Lady Blackbird wears unique, over-the-top costumes that are striking, original and creative as the vocalist as herself.

For more information check out the official website for Lady Blackbird here.

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