Death by Romy show at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood Ca October 27, 2022

by Harriet Kaplan with pictures by Ricardo Curiel

Dark pop night was theme of the EP release party for the princess of alt-pop DeathbyRomy with provocative, dramatic and edgy set at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood on October 27th

Celebrating her first independent EP ‘Entropy,” the EP in the artist’s own words: “is the gradual decline of order into disorder.” Apparently leaving her label Capitol Records to become a fully independent artist, weighed heavily on DeathbyRomy’s mind, as she mentioned it often and expressed her frustratations. She was unable to tour in the way she would have liked but was happy to be performing again regardless and seemed liberated from a professional and creative situation that clearly wasn’t sitting well with her spirit and soul. 

In fact, ‘Ehtropy’ in DeathbyRomy’s words: “This project is a reminder that I am OK, and like the Phoenix I continually re-birth myself out of the flames. Just as we all can.” In addition to this professional struggle for creative control, DeathbyRomy had to deal with many other trials and tribulations with mental health and depression all her life. She did touch on this briefly during the show. 

On a positive and inspiring note, DeathbyRomy’s strengths were in full bloom live: her incredibly strong, powerful and multi-faceted vocal range plus a dynamic and striking onstage presence, a taut backing band, unique performance artists accompanying the show and visuals from videos projected on a screen in the background. The young audience seemed to mirror the vibe of the artist herself with their own creative and adventurous take on fashion and were dancing to the music filling the concert floor.  

DeathbyRomy Set List

Vicious bliss 

I kill everything 

No mercy 

I was rather disappointed 

I don’t believe in anything 



Don’t fall for monsters 

I feel like a god


Romy what’s on your mind 

Let me fall 

Day I Die 

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night by Richard Curiel here.

Mothica opened for DeathbyRomy. Born McKenzie Ellis, she adopted the name “Mothica” for her music and visual art at age 15, likening it to moths which have a tendency to be drawn to the light. In fact, Mothica was dressed like a moth fairy. Her intense set was emotional, touching and highly personal as she spoke plaintively about her struggles with mental health, suicide, assault and domestic abuse. Yet Mothica seemed empowered by her ability to overcome much adversity in her young life and triumph. 

Mothica’s music ranges from pop, rock, emo, electropop and punk pop. She has produced a dozen albums and singles. In addition, has been involved in many collaborations and features with other musicians. Her most current album was released was this year called Nocturnal.  

Check out the full gallery of photos of Mothica on this night by Richard Curiel here.

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