Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL March, 21st 2022 Words, Videos and Photos by Joel Shover

Get The Led Out has been dazing repeat offenders and new fans alike across the Sunshine State for almost two weeks now, from cities like Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Saint Petersburg, Melbourne, Coral Springs, and tonight Fort Myers, Florida. The Gulf of Mexico may not be “The Ocean,” but The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall is housing the holy grail- of Led Zeppelin tribute bands that is.

Get The Led Out was formed by multi-instrumentalist musicians in 2003 that are fans of Led Zeppelin themselves for fans to appreciate the magical music that Led Zeppelin has made. Each of these super-talented musicians could each have their own band, but instead they continue to tour through the United States, venue after venue, performing night after night, in perfect, and I mean perfect, harmony. Plus they travel and connect as one big family! That in and of itself is even more special in this time, day, and age.

Seeing a Get The Led Out show is an experience that every music lover should embrace at least once. You may then become a repeat offender, finding yourself tailgating in the parking lots of music venues grilling a cheeseburger or drinking a cold beverage. Fans in the City of Palms were gearing up for the sounds of the Mighty Zep to echo the walls of the Barbara B Mann.

The curtains came up to six rock stars playing “In the Evening” on a cloud. From the first note Fort Myers, Florida was put high on that cloud to stay there for the night. The band went rocking right into “Good Times Bad Timesfeaturing signature bass lines by Phil D’Agostino and the hi-hat from Adam Ferraioli’s fans were air drumming and singing along. “Custard Pie” was the next taste the band gave us that had the mastering guitar solos of Tommy Zamparelli which led us right into “Dancing Days.”

Get the Led Out had the packed house convinced they were the real deal as the fans were out of their seats and dancing to the sounds of the most classic of classic rock bands. Next up was the hard-hitting number “No Quarter” from the album Physical Graffiti. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” a folk song written by Joan Baez featured the vocal range that knows no end, provided by Paul Sinclair. Those high notes he was hitting showed us, if we had not seen already, why these guys were so damn good. As I am writing this, I really wish I were on my way to Tallahassee for another show.

Check out the full gallery of photos from this show by Joel Shover.


Paul Hammond brought out the acoustic guitar from his huge guitar collection and took us into “Ramble On” as the crowd continued to become more a part of the show! Tommy, Paul, and Eddie Kurek, this guy does it all from keyboards to guitar to singing and everything else. He truly is a beast, came to the front of the stage and joined his bandmates three abreast and broke into the famous guitar solo intro to “Nobody’s Fault but Mine.” Hammond matched with the vocals of Sinclair and the pairing would amaze Robert Plant himself.

“Going To California” and “Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp” featured the band sitting around in an intimate setting and involved the crowd clapping along and singing right into “Hey Hey What Can I Do.”  “The Song Remains the Same” brought us back to the BASSics with D’Agostino hammering the bass to complete perfection.

I quote a fan in the stands, saying “D’Agostino is one of the smoothest, badass, bass players, I’ve seen!” and I could not agree more. “The Song Remains the Same” also featured the signature double neck guitar that Jimmy Page made so famous was played by Hammond. “The Rain Song” couldn’t even rain on our parade here in Fort Myers as the band jammed on and the fans rocked on as we all knew what was coming it was the drum solo of all drum solos.

The iconic “Moby Dick” featuring heavy bass from D’Agostino back and forth with Ferraioli until the engine man took over by himself for this was the drum solo we were all anticipating all night. Ferraioli matched his idol beat for beat and illustrated the major influence the late John Bonham had on his playing, right down to playing the full kit with his bare hands!

The night was moving along, and we were more than past the halfway point of the show and the boys pulled out “Thank You”. The big radio hit “Black Dog” was next as the boys made us sweat and made us groove. The band was now working the five-point plan with the love song “Kashmir” as everyone including the staff were rocking out.

It was now really time to “Bring It on Home.” The night would not be complete for ticketholders, who have been practicing this song in their cars and showers for almost two years because of multiple rescheduling nightmares due to covid. The fans were listening extremely hard, and the tune came to us at last.

We were now all one and one as all to be a rock and not to roll. “Stairway To Heaven” kept all the fans singing and grooving in their seats while Zamparelli nailed the iconic guitar solo. As if the walls weren’t shaking enough the boys had one more with the hit “Whole Lotta Love” and after that boy, did we need cooling!!

Go See Live Music and Go See Get the Led Out  on this extensive tour that treks already into 2023.


Till the next show…Joel

Check out the full gallery of photos from this show by Joel Shover.

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