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Linda Ransom Review

Jazz Vocalist, Linda Ransom, at Northampton Jazz Workshop January 21, 2020 by David BoatwrightAs I enjoyed another night of the great American Classical Music...

Steve Cardenas Jazz in the Valley

Northampton Jazz Workshop hosts Steve Cardenas November 12 2019 by David BoatwrightThe guitar has blessed us with a lot of great players over the...
Stephen Riley

Northampton Jazz Workshop with Saxophonist Stephen Riley

John, Paul, George, and Stephen Riley at Northampton Jazz Workshop October 22 2019 by David BoatwrightThe Spare Time in Northampton pays host to a...

Giacomo Gates

Northampton Jazz Workshop November 27 2018Spare Time Northampton MATuesday night can be an off night for live music, however, a wealth of great...

Will and Peter Anderson Live Jazz

Northampton Jazz Workshop at the Spare Time Lounge January 8 2019by David Boatwright of the Equalites.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAnneSvsEVgAnother great night of Jazz at the Bowling Alley...

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RIP Robbie Robertson

We are sad to inform you that Robbie Robertson has reportedly passed away.At the age of 80, Robbie Robertson passed away after a lengthy...

RIP Sinead O’Connor

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