Saenger Theatre in Pensacola, FL August, 18 2022 Review and Photography by Joel Shover

When you hear the words “Saenger Theatre” you automatically think of history, fame, luxury, and intimacy. The Saenger Theatre in beautiful Pensacola, FL is all that and then some. In 1925 after taking over a year to be built the Saenger Theatre was open for business hosting silent screen classics, Vaudeville Road shows, and Broadway Plays up until 1975 when it closed its doors. Thankfully in 1981 The Saenger Theatre was reborn and alive hosting events once again, but more importantly it was now on the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, the only renovations were to the lobby with a full modern makeover.

The History of the Theatre consists of the acts of John Tesh, Winton Marselis, Ziggy Marley, Harry Connick Jr., and the great David Copperfield can all now say they have shared the magic of this beautiful stage with the great JJ Grey & Mofro. Could this really be happening, or did I make it all up? I crossed the Chattahoochee, but I did not see no turnip truck.

For most people when they hear JJ Grey for the first time, they automatically think soul-gospel-blues, and they are right. Like I said for the most part. To understand JJ Grey and Mofro is have had that blues dagger shoved inside you so hard that you have had to rethink life and all its beliefs in one single verse of one single song of each note of each song. JJ’s Blues style is real life hardcore feeling with that gospely sound that should make every hair on you body raise up when heard.

Tonight’s show would be intimate and more special than others because of the setting. 99 Shades of Crazy started the show as the Dapper man himself graced the stage and paid respect to Pensacola with a lyric change. WYLF (What You’re Looking For) was the second song of the night as the bands “fingers set a fire in my skin a deep desire” as we were reminded “that something in that salty air feels just right” there is a party in Florobama.

JJ Grey & Mofro continued to mesmerize the Sold-Out Pensacola crowd with hits like She’s on Fire, Move It on Over, The House of The Rising Sun, Brighter Days, Orange Blossoms, and everyone’s favorite Lochloosa.

Be sure to check out the new album coming out for the holidays and buy one for a friend. Also be on lookout for the highly anticipated new years eve show announcement!

Go See Live Music……Till the Next Show….Joel

Check out Joel’s full gallery of photos from that night here.


  1. 99 Shades of Grey
  2. WYLF
  3. Florabama
  4. Blackwater
  5. Move it Over
  6. Nare Sugar
  7. Write a Letter
  8. She’s on Fire
  9. Lochlossa
  10. Everything Good Is Bad
  11. The House of The Rising Sun
  12. Orange Blossoms
  13. I believe in Everything
  14. The Sun is Shining Down
  15. Brighter Days

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