On Saturday, November 20th, Circle “D” Productions presents MINKA with special guests David Koster Band at the Lord’s New Church in Huntingdon Valley, PA. MINKA is a funk and synth band formed and based in Philadelphia. Channeling the casually suave voicing and insatiable funky combinations of Bowie/Byrne, the band sits in a happy medium of loose, undeniably danceable compositions. Those delightful, demanding grooves, steered by crowd-commanding, eye-connecting vocals, set the wheels in motion. Influences also include Prince, David Bowie, Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, D’Angelo, Phoenix, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and 2Pac. One thing is certain: all of their music will make you move. A wise sage once said, “If you have a pulse, you’re going to love MINKA. If you don’t have a pulse, I’m really worried about you.”

David Koster Band is a multi-genre jam band from the Philly burbs, covering classic rock to blues, reggae, funk, and everything in between… all with a jam band twist spanning The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Bob Marley, and Pink Floyd along with a mix of original music!

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Here’s all the show info!

MINKA w/s/g David Koster Band

Saturday, 11/20/21


1725 Huntingdon Valley Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Doors: 6 PM

Music: 7-10 PM


To add to the fun, LMNR recently got in touch with Dick Rubin aka the face and voice of MINKA. Enjoy:

LMNR: How did you settle on the name MINKA? Does it have any particular meaning to you? 

MINKA came to me in a dream. I was bathing in Lake Erie and suddenly, bubbling up from the depths, there appeared a luminous being. She whispered into my ear all the songs I was yet to write. We made sweet love that day. The least I could do was name the band after her.

LMNR: You list, among others, Prince and David Bowie as influences. How did their unexpected passings in 2016 affect you both personally and as a musician?

I actually was happy to hear that they successfully transcended this mortal veil. My sources tell me they’re both participating in a jam session in Andromeda this weekend, so I guess I’m a little jealous.

Now it falls to us to continue pushing the boundaries, just as they did.  

LMNR: How was your time spent in quarantine for the pandemic? Talk to us about what you did (or didn’t do- just surviving that period was crucial). Was it a time of creativity? 

I devoted myself to improving my backhand and my second serve. Every day I would take a bucket of balls to the 8th and Poplar courts, practicing in the blazing sun, never losing sight of my ultimate goal: the Wimbledon championship.

Musically speaking, it was a fruitful period. We have 4 albums recorded and ready to be released to an unsuspecting public.

LMNR: You and your band’s stage attire is pretty fabulous. What’s your favorite piece to wear when you perform? Where do you find your best threads?

 Recently we made the transition to life on the MINKA commune, right outside of Coatesville. There, our tribe of 40 devoted fans weave outfits for us day and night. It’s a simple life, but I think they find it rewarding.

My favorite piece, of course, is my birthday suit. Depending on context, I may or may not be permitted to don such fleshy garb. No matter what, my signature gold shoes always complete the ensemble.

LMNR: To piggyback on that question, your stage setup seems elaborate as well. How does having funky props/decor onstage add to your overall look and sound?

I like to think of a performance as a creature. If sound is the head, then sight is the belly. For maximum impact, the belly needs to be rubbed.

And so, we go the extra mile with pyrotechnics, dancers, and all manner of visual stimuli. Once suitably distracted, the audience is susceptible to our subliminal messages. 

LMNR: Your beard is also quite notable- do you have a grooming regimen that you can share with the LMNR audience (oiling, trimming, etc.)? 

The funny thing is, I do absolutely nothing to maintain my beard. I do have a daily ritual, though.

Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I look in the mirror. I hardly recognize the face staring back at me with vacant, sunken eyes. Then I start to count my beard hairs, one by one, and give thanks for each strand bursting forth from its follicle. Four hours later, I’m ready to start the day.

LMNR: Share a favorite concert memory with us- as a musician.

We played a nude volleyball tournament at my cousin’s house. It was slippery, wet, and wild. I don’t remember who won the tourney, but I do remember the hot dogs were great.

LMNR: Share a favorite concert memory with us- as an audience member.  

You know who really impressed me? Sting. That guy has still got it. Must be all the yoga.

LMNR: Where do you see neo-soul/funk going as a genre? It’s experiencing quite a renaissance with acts like Thundercat, the Allergies, Durand Jones and the Indications, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, etc. What about it appeals to you and where does MINKA fit in, especially in the Philly scene?

 Here at MINKA, we constantly seek to simplify. What is the most basic sound we can produce? We want to tap into something primal, something lurking several levels down, below the intellect. Somewhere in the hips.

I believe our fellow funksters share this impulse. And in the wake of this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to facilitate some booty shaking.

LMNR: What are the future plans for the band as the live music world slowly begins to turn again?

We will be touring relentlessly. Making up for lost time. Making new memories. 

The Lord’s New Church is located at 1725 Huntingdon Valley Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Once the estate of Rev. Theodore Pitcairn, the LNC rests just beyond Philadelphia and borders the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. In the 1930’s Pitcairn transformed the 1700’s farmland into a sprawling estate for his large family, equipped with a lavish home, orangery and greenhouse, and an art studio. Today, the land is largely occupied by visitors, private parties and weddings, and of course live music events. The picturesque property has served as unique space to host live music outdoors throughout the summer and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MINKA w/s/g David Koster Band

Saturday, 11/20/21


1725 Huntingdon Valley Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Doors: 6 PM

Music: 7-10 PM


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