November, 3rd 2022 Bilheimer Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, FL Review and Photography by Joel Shover @JoelShoverPhotography

The beautiful Bilheimer Capitol Theatre that opened in 1921 wanted more spirits than the five that currently reside in the famed theatre, so the powers that be at the theatre held a meeting in the V.I.P. lounge on the very original slab of wooden stage and summoned a group of Mummies.

Whatever magic is on the slab of stage it sure is special combined with whatever special potions are being concocted in the lounge because Here Come the Mummies appeared right before the eager cult-crowd-followings eyes through the theatre doors setting the evenings pulse by pounding the funky rhythm right into the crowd.

I thought this was “My Party” as I looked around, I saw my sisters and my brothers. There were no enemies, only lovers. “Ra Ra Ra” When all is said and done, we’re not the first to be here. I thought to myself, you’ve got to remember then you’ll know. It then came to me, the “Fenk Shui”. It was funk, funk, funk. Funk to the east, and funk to the west. It was even funky to the left and right, but I knew it was gonna get funky this whole night when the funk when way up there was only one funky thing to do and that was to “Bring that Down”.

We’ll have a night like we did so long ago, you got a new one, but he don’t need to know as I “whip it Out”. I got the goods in my hands and I know this night won’t ever stop. Bodies in motion, they build up heat. We know where this is leading, get close and start to feel the “Friction”. Sparks were flying as the funky grind was still grooving.

Off in the distance I saw a tall pole, there’s something naughty in this crowds’ eyes as they ran the “Freak Flag” right up that pole! Natural disaster can’t keep me away, we’ll be each other’s shelter from “Hurricanes, Floods, & Fires”. We have our heads in the gutter and our hands in the pie. “Dirty Minds” think alike. Act surprised and disgusted, I can spot the bad girls a mile away never fighting off temptation, there’s a “3 Way on the Freeway”.

My minds like the gum stuck to a Times Square telephone booth, gimme some time to lower your standards as we “Slide on Down” to the “Swing” party! Let it swing, let swing, let swing, la, la, la, oh, let it swing! I’m coming in my “Pants”, my shirt, gonna pick your flower. I’ll be there in an hour, beating me up on all sides, from her lips, to her hips, to her funky eyes.

As they made some vibration putting cracks in the foundation, The Mummies “Make It Shake” time and time again Like a “Single, Double, Triple”. Come on, come on, let’s go. Being Single, seeing double, sleeping triple. No need for sleep as we stay up till the break of day rolling coast to coast, time to bring it on home to the “House Party”!

Get your freaky funky self to the next Here Come the Mummies Show and whatever you do, don’t deflower Pharaoh’s Daughter……ever!

Check out the full gallery of photos from that night here.

Go See Live Music… Till the next funk fest…. Joel

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