Halloween night at the NOVO Theater in Downtown Los Angeles was the site of a Willow Smith concert. Her young fans were out in droves and sang along to every number performed and were dressed up for the “spooky” holiday.

De’Wayne, who opened for Willow Smith, thoroughly won the audience over as he performed like a superstar with bold and brash swagger and bravado and had the solid material to go with it. The singer, rapper and poet bends genres of music (rock, punk, alternative and rap) and transforms them into something new, original and truly exciting redefining black music. He oozes confidence, sexuality and unbridled charisma onstage.

De’Wayne has released two albums, “Stains” and his latest effort, “My Favorite Blue Jeans.” The eclectic artist has done a number of collaborations with Good Charlotte, Poorstacy and Grandson, Awsten Knight and more plus a number of videos to go with the songs. “She’s My (Sexi Boy)”, “Die Out Here” and a cover of The Stooges “I Want to Be Your Dog” were among the standout numbers of his opening set that had the crowd whispering to one another that they had to go listen to more of his songs because of this vibrant and exhilarating performance.

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Willow is very talented and has a powerful and engaging voice but she is incredibly adapt and capable of letting out howling, full-throttle screams. She is thoroughly convincing rocker and front woman for her strong backing band. Holding court confidently, Willow dressed in a black leather and wore a long black wig often referring to her fans as “you guys.”

Willow mightily held her own onstage and has a commanding presence. But she is also wasn’t afraid to show a softer side and express her vulnerability and let her fans up and close and personal with her struggles and demons. Hence the name of her new album, “Coping Mechanism,” with more goth pop punk leanings. Smith also has heavier and more metal-ish influences like Crowbar, Lamb of God and Prius. “Curious/Furious” and “Ur A Stranger” are among two of the taut and ballsy songs on “Coping Mechanism” performance with fury and defiance onstage. Brother Jaden Smith joined Willow for “Summertime in Paris” and wished her a happy birthday and showered sincere and heartfelt praise her for what she accomplished in her life and career.

Check out the full gallery of Willow photos from this night here.


Maybe it’s my fault
Falling endlessly
Coping Mechanism
Hover like a goddess
Ur a stranger
No Control
Summertime in Paris
Transparent Soul
Meet me in our spot
Wait a Minute!

Check out the full gallery of photos of DeWayne from this night here.

Check out the full gallery of Willow photos from this night here.

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