The Decemberists with opener Ratboys at the RoadRunner in Boston, May 2, 2024 By Gary Alpert

The Decemberists, revered for their eclectic sound and narrative-driven songs, took center stage at Boston’s RoadRunner on May 2, 2024, marking the second stop of their highly anticipated tour with new album to be released June 14th. With a palpable buzz in the air, the evening promised an unforgettable musical journey, complemented by the opening act, Ratboys, an indie rock band hailing from Chicago.

Ratboys set the stage with their earnest and introspective brand of indie rock, captivating the audience with their soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics and high energy. Their performance served as the perfect prelude to the main event, warming up the crowd and setting the tone for the night ahead.

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night by Gary Alpert here.

As the lights dimmed and anticipation reached its peak, The Decemberists emerged, greeted by a roar of applause. They wasted no time diving into their setlist, opening with the haunting melody of “All I Want Is You,” immediately captivating the audience with its ethereal beauty.

From there, the band seamlessly transitioned into their repertoire, showcasing a diverse array of songs spanning their illustrious career. Highlights of the evening included the introspective “Severed,” which washed over the crowd like a wave of emotion, and the spirited “Shankill Butchers,” which had fans dancing and singing along with unabashed enthusiasm.

Frontman Colin Meloy’s magnetic stage presence held the audience captive throughout the night, his emotive vocals breathing life into each lyric and melody. The band’s chemistry was palpable as they navigated through fan favorites such as “Don’t Carry It All” and “The Crane Wife 1 & 2,” each song a testament to their storytelling prowess and musical versatility.

Midway through the set, the mood took a poignant turn with the haunting ballad “The Long White Veil,” casting a spell over the audience with its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics. Yet, the band swiftly lifted spirits with the uplifting anthem “Make You Better,” infusing the venue with a sense of hope and camaraderie.

As the night drew to a close, The Decemberists returned to the stage for an encore performance of “Joan,” leaving the crowd spellbound and yearning for more. With their final notes lingering in the air, the band bid farewell, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness their captivating performance.


All I Want Is You

Shankill Butchers

The Bachelor and the Bride

Don’t Carry It All

Burial Ground

The Crane Wife 1

Traveling On

The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid

Long White Veil

Make You Better


16 Military Wives

Oh No!

A Beginning Song

Joan in the Garden

Pre-Show VIP Set:
On the Bus Mall

Red Right Ankle

Check out the full gallery of photos from this night by Gary Alpert here.

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