One Thing Leads to Another   with the opening concert at Caloosa Sound Amphitheater on September 13 2022. Review and Photos by Joel Shover.

All the years combine, they melt into a dream.  The dream of having a modern high-rise waterfront hotel along with a state-of-the-art music amphitheater next door was now a reality and even the mayor himself told the news “One thing led to another” after years of planning, hard work and dedication.

There was a new buzz, a sense of excitement, throughout the Fort Myers crowd tonight as they gathered at the many food trucks on-site before making their way onto the plush green lawn of the Caloosa Sound Amphitheater. Tonight, was the night everyone in Southwest Florida had been waiting for as I hear quotes from the crowd like “Boy we needed something like this for a long time”, “This was a long time coming”, “So glad to have this in our own back yard”, and my favorite “This puts Fort Myers on the music map”. I had a chance to personally speak with an elderly couple from nearby and asked them how they felt about the noise and crowds this will bring, they gave me hope when the responded with “We welcome the fans and shows the noise and crowds reminds us of living life, and we’re not done living yet!” 

Fans were here to see the iconic band from the 80’s The Fixx, but they had a special treat waiting for them first. Shaun Hopper from Clearwater, FL had his one-man band show revved up and ready for this patient crowd. Shaun showed his unique talent of playing every instrument on one acoustic guitar! He wowed the crowd with hits from Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, to name a few.

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 This guy’s is a true talent and he can now put opening band for The Fixx, on his already lengthy music resume.

After a brief intermission that let fans rehydrate from one of the many full bars on-site, we were ready for our childhood idols, The Fixx! The smoke hit the stage and I paused for a moment and turned around and took in the vast crowd and hotel and the water in the backdrop and thought to myself “Yes this is just what SWFL needed!” It truly was a memorable site.

The Fixx, who are; Cy Curnin (Vocals, Guitar), Rupert Greenall (Keyboards), Dan K. Brown (Bass Guitar), Adam Woods (Drums), and Jamie West-Oram (Lead Guitar), took to the new stage and started playing hit after hit to the delight of the crowd. The band kicked off this stop of The Every Five Seconds tour with “A Life Survived”

 and “Closer”. Those two songs are from the long-awaited new album Every Five Seconds.  The next song was a number one hit from 1989 “Driven Out” from the album Calm Animals.

The boys took us back to 1986 from the Walkabout album with the track “Chase the Fire” that took us to the hit song that made it all the way to number ten on the Modern Rock Charts, from 1991 album Ink, “How much is Enough”

“Take What You Want” was the next track from the new album. As if the crowd wasn’t rocking hard already things got even hotter when the band rolled back to 1984 with “Less Cities, More Moving People”, an appropriate song especially for tonight’s concert showing the growth of this beautiful city of palms. Cy took us into my favorite song off the new album that truly brings out the distinct sound of The Fixx called “Cold”.

“Wake Up” was the message there was plenty more music to be had at this fun new venue. “Are We Ourselves” got everyone up and singing along once again as the band dug “Deeper and Deeper” into the Fixx catalog we know and love.

“Camphor” gave the band a little breather with this nice composition before taking the turn home.

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“The crowd erupted with the first notes of “One Thing Leads to Another” as the band continued to rock the Sound with “Stand or Fall”.  

The sunset tonight was beautiful but The Fixx couldn’t leave this beautiful waterfront venue without the hit “Red Skies”.

To oblige the roaring crowd the band came out for a double encore including another song of the new album “Lonely as a Lighthouse” and they finished this perfect night under the Southwest Florida Skies with “Saved by Zero”.

I think it’s safe to say that SWFL music fans are saved by this venue!

This was the first of a four-part Rockin on the River Concert series.


A Life Survived


Driven Out

Chase the Fire

How Much Is Enough?

Take What You Want

Less Cities, More Moving People


Wake Up

Are We Ourselves?

Deeper and Deeper


One Thing Leads to Another

Stand or Fall

Red Skies

Lonely as a Lighthouse

Saved by Zero

Secret Separation

Go See Live Music……Till the Next Show…. Joel

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