January 15 2022 by Harriet Kaplan Photos by Ricardo Curiel

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s is an exciting, aggressive, and fun band from Southern California that have an alternative rock sound that takes its sonic cues from “emo-gressive alt rock with a pop edge.” The four-piece featuring Matt Mucerino on lead vocals and a rhythm guitar, bassist Oliver Callison on backing vocals, Soren Crisell on lead guitar and Luke Caro on drums are a raw force that write autobiographical material hits one’s heart and aims to draw emotion from the listener that is hard-edged and impactful.

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s have released one EP on their Riot Records/Golden Robot Records label in August. The EP is inspired by the death Matt Mucerino’s cousin/best friend that died of cancer at the early age of twenty-one as well as sensitive topics that focus on depression, anxiety, also questioning one’s place in society, death that comes to all of us, not feeling wanted in any moment in life. These are all universal and relatable themes that touch us fragile human beings inhabiting this Earth.

Headlining at Garden Amp, in Garden Grove, CA, at The Locker Room, on January 15th, the group played a full-tilt, non-stop energetic show that won over the throng of concert goers in the small room. The set list featured “Regret-Stained Memories,” “Mistakes,” “Dissatisfied,” “7:45 am,” “Drown” and songs from the new EP, including “San Francisco,” “About You,” and “All Feelings Aside.” The ambitious and hardworking band impressed with solid musical chops, ferocious stage presence and strong and promising growing body of material showing amazing potential.

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s will be heading out on tour with Fencer on February 17th. The first show date will kick off in Fullerton, CA at The Continental Room’s new room.

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