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Are you going to an event at Minute Maid Park Soon? There are some important safety tips to remember as we go to these great announced concerts.

The Minute Maid Park previously The Ballpark at Union Station, Enron Field, and Astros Field is a ballpark located in Downtown Houston, Texas. It is the home stadium to the Houston Astros. The stadium has a retractable roof and natural grass field which gives it a special quality. The stadium is named after the drink brand Minute Maid who gained the rights to name it in 2002. You’ll find the Minute Maid Park hosting various types of events from ball games to concerts. It makes for a wonderful experience. If you’re going to an event at the stadium there are some safety tips you need to remember to make sure that you have a good time.

Safety Tips You Need To Remember: Minute Maid Park tries to make sure that fans have a good time. One way they do this is by placing safety measures and other protocols in place. Due to the current pandemic, there are some added measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

For those adding events at Minute Maid Park to their summer fun schedule, it is suggested that you review the safety and other policies on the stadium’s website. You want to make sure that you’re fully aware of what is allowed and what is expected of guests. Here are some safety tips to follow:

  1. COVID-19 preventative measures

As a part of its health and safety measures, fans are encouraged to wear masks, social distance, and sanitize their hands while in the stadium. If you’re feeling sick you should stay home and get checked out to make sure that you’re safe to be in public.

You should follow these guidelines to keep yourself and others safe during the event.

Also as a measure to protect the fans and the players and perform, autographs are not permitted. Don’t try to go around this rule as it can put both parties at risk and push organizers to stop events at the stadium until things have cleared up.

  1. Plan accordingly

Again to account for social distancing and other such protocols, fans should plan their schedule to accommodate for this. The entrance will be open 2 hours ahead of the first pitch or start of the performance. Only half of the metal detectors are being used to help with social distancing. You’ll want to make sure that you plan for this and follow the guidelines.

The stadium is also going cashless so avoid carrying cash to avoid possible theft if possible.

Also, be mindful of the bag you’re carrying. Bags above the regulated size will not be permitted and all bags will be searched. Don’t carry an oversized bag and keep your valuables at home.

  1. Clarify your ticket information ahead of time

The stadium has gone both cashless and electronic to again avoid unnecessary human contact. As a guest you should check your ticket ahead of time in the event you have issues. The ticket is only open for such queries. All other issues can be done via the app. To limit the person-to-person contact use the app if possible rather than the ticket both to handle any issues you may have.

Minute Maid Park is a beautiful stadium and its design makes you feel the excitement even more than normal. Follow these safety tips to ensure you have the best time possible. Remember to social distance, wear your masks, and keep your hands sanitized where possible.

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