HR (front man of iconic punk band, Bad Brains) Releasing New Solo Album, “Give Thanks” on Oct 18th via Hardline Entertainment

From the video channel of Jamie Brewster

Paul “HR” Hudson is best known as the front man of the iconic punk band, Bad Brains, that formed in 1979. With unprecedented speed and precision, Bad Brains took the Washington, DC music scene by storm and quickly became the most influential band in American punk history, breaking down cultural barriers and creating emotionally charged music centered on the message of maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA). This concept of PMA continues to inspire HR’s fans.

Early in his career, HR became interested in reggae and the Rastafarian movement. These pursuits transformed him, and he began to focus more on the spiritual nature of reggae rather than the fast lifestyle of the punk scene. In 1984, HR formed his reggae-rock band Human Rights, which has performed and recorded in various incarnations for more than three decades. The current incarnation has a refined yet organic energy that hasn’t been felt since the early days of Human Rights.

HR’s music speaks to the youth of today encouraging them to practice gratitude, to never give up on their dreams, and to live in unity. His new solo album, “Give Thanks” will be released Oct 18th via Hardline Entertainment.
From the video channel of Emilio U

Tour Dates

July 9
HR (of Bad Brains) & Downtown Brown w/ Joel Castillo Music
Kcmo, MO

JUL 10
HR (of Bad Brains) & Downtown Brown
Omaha, NE

JUL 11
HR (of Bad Brains) & Downtown Brown w/ Downtown Brown
Boomtown United
Saint Louis, MO

JUL 12
HR (of Bad Brains) & Downtown Brown
Chicago, IL

JUL 13
HR (of Bad Brains) & Downtown Brown
w/ Downtown Brown, J Navarro & The Traitors
Ferndale, MI

JUL 17
HR (of Bad Brains) & Human Rights
Ithaca, NY

JUL 18
HR (of Bad Brains) and Human Rights w/ The Mongols, The Buckos
Harrisburg, PA

AUG 02
HR (of Bad Brains) at Queens Hall w/ Slagerij
Nuneaton, United Kingdom

AUG 03
Rebellion Festival
Blackpool, United Kingdom

AUG 04
HR (of Bad Brains) at Rebellion Manchester w/ Slagerij
Manchester, United Kingdom

AUG 05
HR (of Bad Brains) at Audio Glasgow w/ Slagerij
Glasgow, United Kingdom

AUG 06
HR (of Bad Brains) at Think Tank?
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

AUG 07
HR (of Bad Brains) at Brudenell Social Club w/ Slagerij
Leeds, United Kingdom

AUG 09
HR (of Bad Brains) at The Underworld w/ Slagerij
London, United Kingdom

AUG 10
HR (of Bad Brains) at The Fleece Bristol w/ Slagerij
Bristol, United Kingdom

AUG 11
HR (of Bad Brains) at Bedford Esquires
Bedford, United Kingdom