Scott Guberman - photo taken from Nord Keyboard's website

Interview with Scott Guberman May 23, 2017 To submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected] Check out the Live Music News and Facebook page for updates and announcements. From his official Facebook page: “Scott Guberman performs regularly with Grateful Dead’s founding bassist, Phil Lesh. Guberman has become an outstandingly important member of the Bay Area music scene in between his shows with Lesh, appearing most often at Terrapin Crossroads. Guberman also has a close musical relationship with Stu Allen, performing with him regularly inside and outside of Lesh’s bands.  Scott Guberman’s history finds him breaking into the Grateful Dead scene at the turn of the millennium. He first gained recognition as a Hammond organist performing heavily with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and former Grateful Dead keyboardist, Tom Constanten; and touring with Grateful Dead’s final keyboardist, Vince Welnick.” Scott will play StrangeCreek Campout in Greenfield, MA this Saturday, May 27th, at 2 PM on the Main Stage. From the YouTube channel of Scott Guberman LMNR: Tell us about your new lineup. Scott Guberman: “I’m always seeking out musicians who are a part of this large Grateful Dead family.  My history with Jeff Pevar goes back about 10 years.  Both of us, originally from New England, played together as members and guests of various bands.  Pevar’s Grateful Dead experience comes as an original member of Phil Lesh & Friends. He’s currently on tour with David Crosby.  I’m looking forward to having him join The Scott Guberman Band at StrangeCreek this year. Johnny Markowski and I have played together at StrangeCreek in the past.  Of course, New Rider’s association with the Grateful Dead goes back to the beginnings of NRPS when Jerry Garcia was the original pedal steel player.  Joe Gallant and I started playing together sometime after the first incarnation of Illuminati Orchestra.  Illuminati performed and recorded Grateful Dead music combining styles of both classical and jazz.  I became a member of Illuminati Orchestra when it started up again a few years ago. Since then we’ve toured together as part of  John Kadlecik Band. “Playing solo Grateful Dead is something I used to do regularly up until a few years ago.  After a YouTube video of surfaced of a my solo performance of ‘Dark Star,’ I received a lot of encouragement to do more in a live setting.  Being that I enjoy playing in a full band so much I thought I’d mix up the tour with both solo and full band performances.  So far, as suspected, the variety of approaches has kept it really fun and interesting for me.” LMNR: What are your feelings on East Coast vs. West Coast? “I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to be part of the Bay Area Grateful Dead scene, and I’ve definitely found my home there. Phil’s Terrapin Crossroads has been amazingly great to me and is a dream come true.  I’ve been able to play with so many of the best musicians there.  I feel a true sense of family and community, even celebrating holidays together, which of course always includes making music with these guys.  Aside from that, the weather and surroundings are not only enjoyable, but also inspiring.  Being able to play with Phil, Bobby, and other great musicians makes it hard leave the West Coast.  Returning to the East Coast; however, has reminded me of the great energy and enthusiasm of the audiences. It’s great to see some original fans and friends of mine out here.” From the YouTube channel of Scott Guberman LMNR: How does it feel to be back at StrangeCreek? “I’ve been a part of StrangeCreek, on and off, since the beginning.  It’s been fun to watch it gradually grow in size and in its variety of music. StrangeCreek has always been a landmark for me of the beginning of the East Coast festival season. It goes back to my beginnings of my early performances with Tom Constanten, O’Teil Burbrige, Pevar, Markowski, and many others.  It will be great to be after not being there for 2 years.” LMNR: What’s it like to be leading a band this time around? “As a keyboardist, I feel as though I am an accompanist by nature, so leading a band is a little out of sorts for me.  The Scott Guberman Band truly is always a band with a group mentality; but, leading a band has allowed me to bring the music to places that other bands may be more reluctant to go to.  I’m not afraid to push the music that we perform to deeper psychedelic spaces. It allows me to expand on Grateful Dead & related music, including originals.” “I already miss Phil, Terrapin, and the rest of the Bay Area, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of the tour.  I’m returning to Terrapin Crossroads to play with Phil on the 29th.  Shortly after that I’ll begin work on my solo album. Stay tuned for that!” For more info on Scott, please check out his website at Scott Guberman’s Spring Tour 2017: 5/24 – Scott Guberman Band ft Michael Falzarano (New Riders of The Purple Sage), Joe Gallant (John Kadlecik Band) & Nathan Graham (MidnightNorth) – The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT 5/25 – Dead Sage ft Michael Falzarano (NRPS, Hot Tuna), Rob Wolfson (Illuminati), Joe Gallant (Illuminati, John Kadlecik Band), Josh Kates – Maureen’s Jazz Cellar, Nyack, NY 5/26 – Dead Set ft. Zach Nugent (Melvin Seals & JGB, Dead Set), Luke Smith (Strangefolk), Erik Glockler (Strangefolk), Aaron Katz  (Percy Hill), Sean Preece – Foeger Ballroom at Jay Peak, Jay, VT 5/27 – Scott Guberman Band  ft. Jeff Pevar (Jazz is Dead, David Crosby), Johnny Markowski (New Riders of The Purple Sage) & Joe Gallant (John Kadlecik Band) – StrangeCreek, Main Stage, 2pm – Greenfield, MA 5/28 – Dead Sage ft Michael Falzarano (NRPS, Hot Tuna), Rob Wolfson (Illuminati), Joe Gallant (Illuminati, John Kadlecik Band), Alan Lerner (Illuminati), Sandy Mack – Paul’s Tavern – Belmar, NJ 5/29 Oysterfest: ft. Lazyman w/ special guests Phil Lesh – Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA To submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected] Check out the Live Music News and Facebook page for updates and announcements.