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King Crimson to Tour North America with The Zappa Band Summer...

King Crimson will be playing one tour this year in USA and Canada during June and July 2020. Except for shows such as the...

Camp Creek 2019 Friday

To say that people were excited about Camp Creek was a vast understatement. My social media streams were filled with people, Creek Freaks,...

Napoleon Murphy Brock Interview

Project Object Tour Previewby Ryan O'MalleyComing from a long tenure of being a member of Frank Zappa’s last incarnation of the Mothers of Invention...

Dr. Slothclaw

Dr Slothclawby Stephanie JanicedottirTo Submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected] out the Live Music News and Review.com Facebook page...

Project/Object Loves their Mothers of Invention

Project/Object Loves their Mothers...    of Invention An interview with Don Preston by Ryan O'MalleyTo Submit a review or story for consideration hit us at [email protected]