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Music Industry Releases Statement

The Music Industry has released a statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDAmPIq29ro This is a follow up to last week's official statement: "No time to explain: Get in the kangaroo." Drop us...

A Muddy Experience at SXSW

By Erika Stahl of Muddy Ruckus - March 16, 2020, Austin, TX We’ve been touring to Austin for the past 4 years, the...

Everything is canceled

No time to explain. Get in the kangaroo.

SXSW Canceled

The City of Austin TX has canceled the annual SXSW music festival and its accompanying conferences due to fears of Coronavirus. The festival released this...

Woodstock 50 uncertain

The fate of the Woodstock 50th anniversary show was thrown into uncertainty today as mixed signals were sent and rumors are flying that the...