July 28 2023 New York NY by Joel Shover Photography

PHISH, a quartet from Vermont comprised of Trey Anastasio (guitar, vocals), Mike Gordon (bass, vocals) Page McConnell (Keyboards, vocals), and John Fishman (drums, vocals), brought a wave of heat to Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday July 28th, 2023, to start a seven-night run at the World-Renowned Arena. All that heat couldn’t stop the noobist of fans from coming to PHISH’s sacred grounds simply known as “YEMSG”. Ask any PHISH monger and they’re sure to tell you that no matter where you look, whether it be driving around New England or getting back on a train into the city, you’ll see things PHISH related from sights to scents and subtle sounds.

As I saw my face in the towns that were flashing by, I knew I would be in comfort in the middle of the city soon because of the friendly staff at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Chelsea that is only 7 minutes from MSG and a short walk to the yummy Andiamo Pizza at 818 6th Ave NY, NY, who happens to have the tastiest cheese pizza that will make you split open and melt! Thanks for the great pizza and good conversation!

The walk to MSG always brings back the historic memories of all the great concerts I have seen here over my lifetime! Now I’m back to photograph PHISH once again at the most famous venue in the world! Phans alike were scattered throughout the streets of the beautiful flower district making their way to the arena as the conversations started on what would the theme be for this seven-day run? What would the opener be? What gags do they have up their sleeves? We would all find out soon.
Every single time I enter Madison Square Garden I get jovial chills and this time was no different only greater. Night one was upon us the clock had struck and the lights dimmed as PHISH took the stage. The crowd was ready for any and everything that band was willing to offer up!

“Evening Song” started such, as we slid around with ease. “The Wave of Hope”, an Anastasio original, floated us to the Talking Heads cover “Cities”, we have found ourselves back in our city. Let us not forget “The Old Home Place” as we hung our heads dancing in a trance to the punchy version of “Free” we remembered that feeling that we felt we forgot.

“Brian and Robert” never disappoints with the alone life you lead, bow your head and pretend to read, because this one is for you! “Stash” took the jams to another level as I pondered was it for this my life I sought? I dug deep into “My soul” without a reason and I don’t know why, it’s my soul people, its mamamamamamamam soul!

We were pulsating with love and light and we wanted “More” of it. The trumpet call is sounding an ocean of love while “Ruby Waves” poured on our heads. Some have “Plasma” on a lake of oil, but we’ve got a skyscraper and it sings it pretty tune, just to keep it “simple”. Now we’re soaring far too high like a speck of dust in the sky or a tiny cloud in the “Mountains in the Mist.”
Jumping to my feet I felt it in my knees. I pulled myself together, but the room began to spin as my mind began to “Split Open and Melt”.

The encore featured the famed Led Zeppelin cover “Good Times Bad Times”, you know we’ve had our share.
Go See Live Music. Till the next show…..Joel


Set 1:
Evening Song

A Wave of Hope
(Trey Anastasio song)

(Talking Heads cover)

The Old Home Place
(The Dillards cover)


Brian and Robert


My Soul
(Clifton Chenier cover)

Set 2:

Ruby Waves
(Trey Anastasio song)

(Trey Anastasio song)


Mountains in the Mist

Split Open and Melt

Good Times Bad Times
(Led Zeppelin cover)

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