Hip hop legends Cypress Hill performed their annual Haunted Hill show at the Hollywood Palladium on October 29th.

Review by Harriet Kaplan, Photos by Ricardo Curiel

Though the show is during the Halloween season- this show is really about creating a smaller, more intimate experience for the fans. The band features B-Real and Sen Dog on vocals and Bobo on drums. This night was really a lively and animated experience for the band and concertgoers alike. The crowd was dancing and singing along with clouds of marijuana smoke everywhere.

Ever since Cypress Hill hit the music scene in 1988, the band has been cemented in music history. In fact, they are the first ever Latino American hip-hop recording group to go platinum. They have sold over twenty million copies worldwide across their nine-album career. Cypress Hill have been nominated for three GRAMMY Awards. In 1991, they released their self-titled debut album and it sold over two million copies. This past March, they released their tenth studio project.

At the Hollywood Palladium show, fans heard a number of Cypress Hill genre-bending sounds. The set ranged from well-known hit such as “Insane in the Brain,” “Dr. Greenthumb, “How I Could Just Kill a Man” “Hits from the Bong” to material from their latest release, Black in Black

Check out the full gallery of photos by Ricardo Curiel from this night here.

Formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA, Fishbone is renowned for performing a fusion of ska, punk, funk, metal, reggae and soul. They were considered in the late 80s as one of the most distinctive and eclectic alternative rock bands. Assembling as school students, Fishbone included Angelo Moore on vocals, saxophones and theremin), with Kendall Jones on guitar, “Dirty Walter A. Kibby II on vocals and trumps and Christopher Down on keyboards, trombone and vocals. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the band achieved its biggest commercial success. This was after they went through several personnel changes. John Norwood Fisher and Angelo Moore from 2003 to 2010 were the last remaining original members in the group. Except for Kendall Jones, in the 2010s, all the original members rejoined the band for many reunions tours and anniversary events. They gained an impressive cult following with the kinetic, self-aware diversity, goofball sense of humor as well as their strong social commentary. 

Nathan Hose is an Tucson-born aritst known as N8NOFACE. He is known for being able to take on various genres of music and incorporate them together easily. His music straddles the line of punk classics to anthems that take their inspiration from hip hop as well as noisy, in-your-face post-punk arrangements.  

Cypress Hill Set List: 

Lord Rips for 10 minutes 

Weed Medly  

When the Shit Goes Down 

Real Estate 

Hand on the Pump 

Sounds of Pigs 


Latin Lingo 

Tequila Sunrise 

DJ+Perc Drum Battle 

Illusions (Remix) 

Cock the Hammer 

Throw your Set in the Air 

Ain’t Goin Out Like That 

Kill a Man 

Rock Superstar 

Insane in the Brain 

Jump Around 

Check out the full gallery of photos by Ricardo Curiel from this night here.

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