On August 24 2022 YouTube Theater in Inglewood, CA, USA Marc Almond’s ground breaking band.

Words by Luis Enrique Lopez Photos and Video by Stevo Rood

There were many moments of genuine admiration last night at the YouTube theater for Soft Cell’s 40th anniversary celebration of their debut album, “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret”. In addition to playing the entire track listing of that album, the show also included cuts from other records, including “Torch,” “What,” and “Martin”.

Despite the absence of Dave Ball, lead singer Marc Almond put his heart and soul into the show, showing great appreciation for the audience’s reception to the material, and greatly encouraging everyone to sing along. 

In many ways, last night’s show was a bit of a “Nostalgia Machine,” (per one of the song titles that was played), but there’s nothing wrong with that. In times like these, sometimes nostalgia is that helping dose we all need. 

Set 1:

Bruises on All My Illusions

Happy Happy Happy


Where the Heart Is

Nostalgia Machine

Loving You, Hating Me


The Art of Falling Apart


Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

Tainted Love
(Gloria Jones cover)

Seedy Films


Sex Dwarf

Entertain Me

Chips on My Shoulder

(12” version)

Secret Life

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Purple Zone

Tainted Love
(Gloria Jones cover) (Played second time; >)

Where Did Our Love Go?

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