On June 24, 2022  Greensboro, North Carolina welcomed Hank Williams Jr to Greensboro Coliseum by Dan Schram   https://twitter.com/danschram/

The curtain rises to reveal 73 year old Hank Williams Jr, leaned against the drum riser. Legs crossed, arms folded with a huge smile on his face. The large clock on stage right indicates a 60 minute countdown has begun. 

The Greensboro crowd is fiercely loyal to Hank pushing towards the stage, wanting to sing along to each song. Despite releasing a new album the week before, Williams Jr. stuck to a complete greatest hits set. What made this different than most was the energy behind the performance. 

Williams made the crowd feel special by remarking between songs that he only does twenty or so concerts each year. As expected, he clarified that this allows him to spend time doing what he loves most, hunting and fishing. The outspoken outdoorsmen entertained on stage singing his songs while air casting a reel and mimicking the motion of shooting his bow. The crowd ate it up. 
Each opening chord and lyric caused people to flock towards the stage, keeping the Coliseum’s ushering core on its toes. When it was time for the song synonymous with Monday Night Football to play, it was all hands on deck. Beer and cell phones in the air leading to Williams Jr reminding the crowd all the awards the song won and that he “fucking wrote the thing.” 

The heaviness of a Waitin’ For The Bus, ZZ Top cover transitioned to a calmer solo medley on the piano. Like Pete Seeger telling his most familiar folk stories, Williams Jr. told the tale of growing up in a house surrounded by many luminaries like Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis among others. 

Check out the full gallery of photos by Dan Schram from this night here.

After a few solo numbers, the eight piece band returned to a bring the show home. Born to Boogie>Cat Scratch Fever>Walk This Way, followed by a full coliseum singalong to Family Tradition. Hank Williams Jr. first played the Greensboro Coliseum in 1985. Tonight he walked off stage 37 years later with likely the same enthusiasm from crowd and performer alike.

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Dan Schram is a folklorist based out of North Carolina. Check out his video channel here.

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Check out the full gallery of photos by Dan Schram from