April 9 Shank hall in Wisconsin welcomed Del Amitri. By Jim Snyder

I had been waiting for this show, anticipating the band I saw many times in the late 80’s though the mid 90’s. Del Amitri delivered to all my expectations. The show was at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI.

Shank Hall is a small intimate room, with a capacity of three hundred people, which features great sound and an intimate setting. The band is right in your face. I have seen may great shows in this room over the last thirty years and Del Amitri now adds to that list.

The Scottish boys take the stage with “When You Were Young” from their third album, Change Everything. Next came “Musicians and Beer” off their new record Fatal Mistakes. I am not too familiar with the new releases, but the band kept the energy moving.

Iain’s aggressive and punchy guitar bites is causing spikes in the energy in the room. Justin then shines in “Always the Last to Know. “I think most everyone was singing along word for word. For a band that has not played much live in the Last twenty years, Del Amitri were on top of their sound. The crowd was then treated to “Kiss This Thing Goodbye “from my favorite Del Amitri album Waking Hours.

“Move Away Jimmy Blues” was up next and again everyone is on their feet singing along to Del Amitri’s catchy vocal hooks and Jim McDermott’s subtle drum work. The show finishes with a changed version of “Downfall,” which unfurled with a slower tempo that really shows Justin’s vocal work has only gotten better.

I have seen Del Amitri throughout the early 90’s. These guys are proving they are still a force to be recognized in the pop world. If you have not seen them or are not aware who they are and =-enjoy a well-crafted catch pop show, they will deliver! Or right now you can stick on a pair of headphones and kick back and let it take you away.

Del Amitri is

Justin Curry

Iain Havic

Kris Dellimore

Jim McDermott

Andy Alston

From the video channel of erock2229
From the video channel of erock2229

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