It’s no surprise that the arts are an important element in society. They provide a sense of release for the creators and entertainment for those who appreciate them. In addition to the beauty that art offers, they also help people with their mental health. Whether you’re an artist and engaging in creative expression, or someone who appreciates the arts, your mental health will be improved by engaging with an artistic source. The pandemic has put limitations on the public’s access to the arts. For example, we can’t go to live concerts or attend the movies in person. However, there are still ways to appreciate art. WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes how the arts impact our mental health, and is doing something about it.

WHO and Healing Arts 2021

WHO (World Health Organization) started the Healing Arts 2021 initiative. The campaign lasted for one week in March. However, you can still view it on YouTube. It allows people access to the arts through virtual measures. You may not have realized how crucial seeing art was until you weren’t able to do it anymore. As somebody who appreciates artistic endeavors and finds them

therapeutic, it’s a loss. However, WHO is providing people with the opportunity to see artists creating in action. There are videos of artists in confinement making their art and interviews with actors such as Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. You can see an archive of the content here. It’s therapeutic to watch artists doing their thing.

The pandemic and its challenges with art

The pandemic has not been easy on artists. It’s been difficult to create without an audience, especially for musicians or actors. These individuals thrive on the energy of the crowds. But fine artists are struggling as well. Without being able to go outside, their muse has been limited. Artists need to be inspired by the world around them. When they’re looking at four walls, it’s difficult to find inspiration. However, there have been incidences of artists creating during the pandemic and being inspired by it. No matter what the circumstance is, you can always make some kind of art.

Creating in isolation 

Despite the pandemic limitations, artists are still expressing their feelings. It’s the nature of a creator to keep creating and showing their emotions. 

Musicians are writing songs despite being in isolation due to the pandemic. And artists are performing for audiences on zoom. Fine artists are painting during the quarantine. Those who create sculptures are making art in their houses and apartments. The pandemic has prevented live performances in person. However, many artists are performing virtually, whether it is on YouTube or live stream, or Zoom. When you’re an artist, you need to create. 

Art therapy, remote counseling, and how to get help

WHO was onto something when they launched their Healing Arts 2021. They wanted to demonstrate how crucial artistic creation is to a person’s mental health. Another option for improving mental health is art therapy.

Art therapy is a practice that can help many artists. Those who love to create can benefit from seeing a therapist who appreciates artistic mediums. Whether you are creating fine arts or engaging in music therapy, a mental health professional can help. You can also see art therapists online. Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stop creating.

Additionally, It’s crucial to seek help for mental health, especially during this challenging time. Human beings need emotional guidance, and artists are no exception to needing support. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, or anything else mental health-related, online therapy can help. Read more about these issues on Mind Diagnostics. Don’t hesitate to seek therapy when you’re struggling. 

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