COVID-19 has made it difficult for people to get in-person mental health treatment. That impacts all members of society but can be particularly detrimental for artists and those who appreciate the arts. The truth is many artists prefer to have a therapist in person. Performers like that face-to-face interaction. Unfortunately, remote therapy is the only option right now.

Here is how COVID-19 is affecting artists’ mental health:

The pandemic and a mental health crisis

Many people are struggling during the pandemic to maintain their mental health. It’s crucial to seek out the help of a mental health professional if you’re having trouble functioning. Unfortunately, therapeutic resources are limited and the whole health system is currently strained.

One reason it’s more difficult for artists to get therapists right now is that many performers, including actors and live musicians, have had their tour dates canceled due to COVID-19. They do not necessarily have the income to seek the help of a therapist, even if the mental health professionals are working remotely. That can make an artist’s mental health decline even further.

Secondly, the demand for mental health professionals is significant, and providers are increasingly difficult to attain. New patients are sometimes waiting for months to get to see a new mental health professional.

Limitations on creation make mental health worse

Musicians and actors need to create in person. The isolation of the pandemic has made it difficult for artists to engage in their art to the fullest of their ability. They are likely not getting reliable paying gigs, and they can’t perform on stage as they would normally. When you are not engaging in your art form, that can result in feelings of isolation and depression. These performers need the help of a licensed mental health professional, but with limited financial resources available, how are they supposed to get help?

How artistic creation helps mental health

Creating music or theater helps a person’s mental health. If that’s how you express your emotions, it’s crucial to keep the artistic juices flowing. One thing that artists can do during the pandemic continues is to write music or plan future events and productions. They can also perform remotely in an ever growing online performance scene. There are still concerts and events going on through virtual means, such as zoom. These are not ideal circumstances, but it’s still a means of expressing a person’s art.

WHO’s art and mental health campaign

WHO ( World Health Organization) is supporting artists and mental health. They ran a week-long campaign during the last week of March called Healing Arts 2021. In conjunction with the University of London, WHO showed support for the arts and how they impact a person’s mental health. The arts are so important to people. Without access to artistic expression, people are suffering. Whether you’re an artist or an appreciator of the arts, the absence of these outlets is difficult. That’s why WHO made an effort to acknowledge the importance of art. Healing Arts 2021 is a virtual campaign where people can access interviews with artists and see artistic creations online. It shows you how crucial art is to people’s mental health.

The United States government stimulus and therapy

It’s difficult for everyone to make ends meet, including artists, during the pandemic. Thankfully, there are some financial resources provided by the government. The government stimulus can be used for artists to remain on their feet. Part of staying afloat is prioritizing a person’s mental health. Artists can reach out for the help of an online therapist using the government stimulus. Online therapy is affordable and can be accessed from anywhere. If you are an artist, it’s crucial to get help for your mental health. Even if you can’t see a therapist in person, online therapy is a good second option.

Seeking mental health care

Therapy can support people with many different conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, and more. You can read more about these issues on Mind Diagnostics.  If you are an artist and struggling with your mental health, there are therapists that provide our therapy, even if it’s online. It’s crucial to reach out for support when you’re struggling, especially during the pandemic when everybody is isolated. You don’t want to let your mental health suffer. You can get the help that you need.

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