Greg Domina, bass player for the Burlington band The Edd- reached out to us to talk about the two new singles that the band released this week. Hailing from Burlington Vermont the Edd are filled with heady goodness, using elements of funk, jam, jazz, and rock to groove their way into your heart.

The first single, Brown Creeper, will be released on one of the two concept records that the band is creating. This one, “Nuthatches, Titmice, and More” will be their ‘Birds that Funk’ album. This song features egregiously awesome use of the clavinet- and some band chanting in the vein of the Meters.

The second single, Dead Man’s Pasta will be on “The Dogs of Life” concept album which is a play on the phrase The Dogs of War. That album will feature a bunch of dark progressive rock songs about dogs and or life in general.

Dead Man’s Pasta is more of a lyrical song than Brown Creeper, with elements of Zappa and Devo woven into the funky mix.

While most bands would shy away from releases that exceed nine minutes each, the Edd relish the space and time to stretch out and explore the nuances of the material.

The Edd are:

John Nummy – Keyboards, Synthesizers,Vocals
Win Haas – Guitar, Vocals
Greg Domina – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Dominic Metcalfe – Drums

About The Edd:

The Edd is a psychedelic rock quartet, formed in Burlington VT in 2009. They strive to make each show unique with extensive improvisation, high energy and clever set lists. With a decade of shows under their belt, The Edd has developed a “gleefully dark and schizophrenic prog-rock” sound.

Their long-awaited debut album, “I’m with Bob” was released in early 2017; showcasing 8 original songs they have been perfecting over their years of performing. It has been described as an “improvisational journey through odd time signatures, funky riffs and heavy electronic grooves” and “the musical equivalent of a lava lamp”.

The Edd has built a very dedicated fanbase throughout New England. Although they do not play in abundance, they make each show count and always leave their fans wanting more.

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