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    Soulive 2019 Review


    Ardmore Music Hall near Philadelphia played host on November 8 2019 with Soulive. By Christopher Snyder

    From the video channel of Richard Stoler Jr.

    Two decades: The amount of time that Soulive have been bringing their
    soul/funk to audiences across the nation. The trio are known for their
    dynamic live performances, led by brothers Neal and Alan Evans, organ
    and drums respectively, and Eric Krasno on guitar. Starting off the
    evening, and the first of two nights of Soulive, was The Ernest Stuart
    Trio, featuring Jason Fraticelli (upright bass), Lionel Forrester Jr.
    (drums) and of course, Ernest Stuart (trombone). In their hour-long
    opening set, the three members were getting the audience engaged, two
    of the highlights were “BMJ” along were a stellar jazz rendition of
    the Nirvana chart-topper, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The trio was a
    nice warmup for Soulive.

    Krasno and along with The Evans brothers started out with a very
    familiar tune to Soulive faithful, “Steppin’”. This let that group
    really let loose and explore early on. The trio can take popular tunes
    and make it their own in a beautiful soulful way. “Eleanor Rigby” (The
    Beatles) flowed nicely into the (Jimi) Hendrix classic, “3rd Stone
    From The Sun”. The veteran group was really feeling it at this point,
    the energy bouncing from wall to wall, engaging the near capacity
    Ardmore Music Hall fans.

    Photo: Up Above Creative

    Soulive had some special guests for the two night run at 23 East
    Lancaster Avenue join them. James Casey (Saxophone) and Natalie
    Cressman (Trombone), brought the vibes to an “11” as they brought the
    heat to Soulive numbers “Up Right” and “PJ’s” off the groups 10th
    anniversary album, “Up Here”. Mixing it in with some old school
    renditions of “Tuesday Night Squad” and closing the night off the
    classic “Cannonball”. It was great to see Casey and Cressman, take
    cues from Krasno, and showcase their virtuosic abilities on their
    respective instruments.

    Full show audio: Taper: Keith Antaya

    With twenty years in the funk and groove world, Soulive, has always
    given 110% to their crowds coast to coast. Friday at Ardmore Music
    Hall was a testament to this. Hopefully they will be “wowing” crowds
    for another twenty years.

    Setlist by Rich Stoler:

    1. Steppin
    2. So Live > Uncle Jr. >
    3. Eleanor Rigby > 3rd Stone From the Sun >
    4. Lenny
    5. Flurries *
    6. Up Right *
    7. PJ’s *
    8. El Ron *
    9. Tuesday Night Squad * >
    10. Tuesday *

    11: Cannonball *

    Soulive is:
    Eric Krasno – Guitar
    Neal Evans – Keyboards
    Alan Evans – Drums Special Guests from TAB: (Entire Second Half of the Set)
    Natalie Cressman – Trombone
    James Casey – Sax

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