Photo by Ben Steinert

The Fillmore in Philadelphia hosted UM on November 1, 2109. by Christopher Snyder Photos by Ben Steinert

Full show audio, use the arrows to toggle between songs. Taped by Justin Marinoff. Transfered by Brad Foster.

The night after Halloween, the party vibe was electric at The Fillmore Philadelphia. Umphrey’s McGee, is known for their dynamic live experiences, blending genres and having a top notch light show. 

There is a full gallery of photos from this show by Ben Steinert here.

The six member group that started over twenty years ago, has been bringing their sounds coast to coast. As the loyal crowd filtered into the Philadelphia the group started right into “Wizard Burial Ground”. With his hard hitting drumming, Kris Myers, along with guitarist, Jake Cinninger, got the audience energized early on. Clocking in a little over thirteen minutes, “Resolution”, showcased how the veterans really know how to play off each other. Brendan Bayliss, lead vocals/guitar, and Cinninger guided the band from almost a “metal sound” to a smooth rock ‘n roll tone. In true Umphrey’s McGee fashion, they teased Tom Petty’s classic, “Free Fallin’”.

“Der Kat Bluten”, one of the South Bend, fan favorites showcased how talented together the rock group can be, flowing from one genre in the matter of seconds. Andy Farag was feeling it during the jam, as his percussion skills were off the charts. Finishing off the set as strong as they started it, “Glory”, was a nice way to send the audience into a quick intermission. 

Digging deep into their catalog, the opening notes of “Believe The Lie”, off their 2006 album, Safety In Numbers, brought out old school Umphrey’s McGee fans back in time. Throwing in some sweet bass grooves throughout the tune, Ryan Stasik, along with keyboardist, Joel Cummins, were a driving force during the sixteen minute “jam session”. Dueling guitars by Bayliss and Cinninger started out what ended being the mega jam of the second set, “Divisions”, gave drummer Myers a time to shine bright with his double bass pedal. 

The Friday night audience wanted more as the band came out for a much anticipated encore. Bayliss teased the Ween number “Freedom Of ‘76” as the band diverted into “Freedom! ‘90” by George Michael.

Overall the band was firing on all cylinders in the opening in The City Of Brotherly Love. 

There is a full gallery of photos from this show by Ben Steinert here.

Set One: [01:12:45]

  1. Wizard Burial Ground [1] >
  2. Resolution [2] >
  3. The Floor
  4. Words
  5. Der Bluten Kat
  6. Whistle Kids >
  7. Glory

Set Two: [01:26:10]

  1. Believe the Lie [3]
  2. Phil’s Farm
  3. Miami Virtue [4] >
  4. Smell the Mitten [5]
  5. Divisions
  6. encore break
  7. Freedom! ’90 [6]

Total tracks = [02:38:55]

[1] unfinished
[2] with Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty) jam
[3] with Pipeline (The Chantays) intro
[4] with The Bed’s Too Big Without You (The Police) tease
[5] with The Jetsons theme (Curtin) tease
[6] with Steve Britz on percussion
— Freedom of ’76 (Ween) fakeout before Freedom! ’90
— Star Kitchen opened
— Thanks to Matt Heller for the taper ticket
— Setlist/notes courtesy of ATU

There is a full gallery of photos from this show by Ben Steinert here.

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