Performing live at the Center for Arts Natick May 09 2019

Singer Songwriter Rose Cousins brought her show to the Center for Arts in Natcik MA and displayed her versatility throughout the evening by switching instruments as quickly as she switched songs.

Cousins started out the evening with Freedom on the guitar then shifted to piano for Farmer’s Wife.  She said that getting to play the Yamaha baby grand at The Center for Arts is one of the great treats of coming to Natick for touring musicians.  Farmer’s Wife reflects the life she saw growing up in Prince Edward Island in the maritimes of Canada as the daughter of potato farmers, a role continued on by her sisters still.

Cousins has played TCAN before, but this was her first time as the headliner of her own show.  Rose performed a 16 song single set working her way between piano, guitar and ukulele.  She played songs spanning her career including some that were brand new.

Cousins said that her songs work their way through the many emotions we all deal with.  Lock & Key (performed on piano) is about sexual tension.  Tender (also piano) is about encouraging men to recognize and feel their emotions – as opposed to just assuming that the feeling in your gut is indigestion!

Donoughmore (piano) was written while Cousins was in Ireland.  The location really reminded her of the farm she grew up on in PEI with farmland going right down to the ocean.

Mally Smith joined Cousins on stage for All The Time and All The Stars.  Mally is also a singer songwriter currently living in Edinburgh but is originally from Dedham MA.  They performed together recently in Glasgow so this has become a relationship that spans the globe!

For her last two songs Rose was joined on stage by additional friends.  She warned that being a friend who sings makes you fair game for an invite to her shows!  She was joined again by Mally, Sean Trishka, Lisa Burke, & Chris O’Brien for Grace and Chosen.

For her encore Rose performed This Light, a crowd favorite.  Overall the crowd had a great time and Cousins provided a diverse and interesting show for all who came.


Freedom – guitar

Farmer’s Wife – piano

Tender – piano

Home – guitar

Stray Birds – uke

White Flag – piano

Lock & Key – piano

All the Time – piano, with Mally 

All the stars – guitar with Mally

My Friend – guitar

Love Comes Back – uke

Oldes Love – piano

Donoughmore – piano

Grace – piano with guests

Chose – guitar with guests


This Light