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    The Smithereens BB King’s New York City January 21, 2017


    The Smithereens

    BB King’s

    New York, NY

    January 21, 2017

    Review and Photos by Mark Ashe

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    Found on the YouTube page of Joe Zielinski

    The Smithereens performed a sold out show at BB King’s in Times Square on Saturday night.  The Smithereens are on a short tour with all four original members; Pat DiNizio on lead vocals, Jim Babjak on guitar, Mike Mesaros  on bass, and Dennis Diken on drums.

    For the past 37 years, The Smithereens have been performing, as DiNizio continuously pointed out to the audience, and I must admit, the band hasn’t missed a beat, considering DiNizio’s recent injuries leaving Babjak as the sole guitarist.  Babjack’s solo on The Who’s Sparks which segued out of House That We Used To Live In would have made Pete Townsend proud. He rocked the hell out that song, and with Mesaros back in the band after a several year hiatus, it’s like he was never gone. As always, Diken on drums is an amazing backstop.

    Smithereens 1.21.17-0259crop

    It’s unfortunate that DiNizio couldn’t play guitar or move his arms.  He still sounds great and hasn’t lost a bit of the voice that made The Smithereens great.  DiNizio, the Scotch Plains, New Jersey native slipped on ice on his back porch and injured his hand a few years ago.  A couple of weeks later, he slipped in his bathtub and crashed his elbow on the side of the tub. These injuries left him with extensive nerve damage.

    A show highlight was when the band dove into “Only A Memory,” and DiNizo launched into a story about Kevin Costner and the film, Bull Durham.  Costner wanted the song for the movie and the soundtrack. The song made it into the film but not the soundtrack. DiNizo lamented that the song wasn’t on the soundtrack and the soundtrack sold many millions of copies. Fortunately, DiNizio reminds the audience that Bull Durham is on always on TV station TBS and you can watch the movie anytime.

    The Smithereens played twenty-three songs out of their huge library.  They were on stage for two hours.  One can only hope that DiNizio’s arms heal and he continue playing guitar and writing new songs.

    Set List

    Behind the Wall of Sleep

    Top of the Pops

    SorrySmithereens 1.21.17-0270crop

    Drown In My Own Tears

    Green Thoughts

    Listen To Me Girl

    Now and Then

    War For My Mind

    Miles From Nowhere

    Only A Memory


    Blues Before and After

    Baby Be Good

    Maria Elena

    Well Alright (Buddy Holly Cover)

    Long Way Back Again

    Love Is Gone

    Since You Went Away

    Yesterday Girl

    Room Without A View

    Please Please Me (The Beatles Cover)

    House That We Used To Live/ Sparks ( The Who cover)

    Time and Time Again

    Blood and Roses

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    Check out the full gallery of photos of this show by Mark Ashe.