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The Z3 is a New York, CT and MA based power trio who perform “Funky Takes on Frank [Zappa].” The band, featuring Tim Palmieri (guitar, vocals Kung Fu, the Breakfast) and Beau Sasser (keyboard, vocals, Kung Fu, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan, Uncle Sammy)and Bill Carbone (drums, vocals Miracle Orchestra, Max Creek, Zach Deputy) plays all Zappa, but isn’t a “tribute” in the usual sense of the word.

“Basically, we aim to melt 21st century dance floors with Frank’s music,” says Palmieri, the band’s de facto front man. Drummer Carbone adds, “and we definitely embrace the spirit of Frank’s live shows–you know, the banter, the politics, all that–but we’re doing it with the things that are happening around us now.” Anyone who has seen Palmieri and Carbone slip into on-stage character as “guitar man” (a no good liberal) and “the devil” (a conservative, obviously, complete with a shitty mask) for the extended dialog of “Titties and Beer” would likely agree. The Z3’s fresh take on Frank hasn’t gone unnoticed by Zappaophiles either: they’ve performed twice at the Zappanale fest in Germany, and hosted FZ alum such as Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Denny Walley and others as guests.

The Z3 with Zappa alum Ed Mann

The band’s new EP, Zappa Probably Would Think You’re Stupid, showcases The Z3’s knack for rearrangement. “Fifty Fifty” becomes an organ-funk tour de force; something from the prog rock album Soulive has yet to record. “Village of the Sun” also shows the band’s soul jazz roots-Sasser and Carbone spent years as 2 of the 3 members of the Melvin Sparks Band-and grooves with a sweet spank reminiscent of the jam session Zappa and George Benson never had. The band’s touch is nowhere more evident than on “Absolutely Free,” a Zappa ode to American consumerism and conformity, which they’ve changed from ¾ to 4/4 time signature, funked up and peppered with three part vocal harmonies. Finally, the full peacock tail is unfurled on “Flower Punk” as Palmieri achieves heights of epic banter, working himself into a petulant frenzy as he verbalizes his imagined life as a truly liberated hippy, all atop of a never-ending guitar solo.

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 The band’s current tour stops include Thursday Nov 17 at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington D.C., Friday Nov 18 at Jamsgiving at Paul’s Tavern in Lake Como, NJ and Friday December 16 at Pacific Standard in New Haven, CT. 

The Z3 Live at Zappanale 26, Bad Doberan, Germany 2015: Z3 w/ Ed Mann, “Titties & Beer,” Zappanale 26, Bad Doberan Germany

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Check out the Live Music News and Facebook page for updates and announcements.

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