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    Keller Williams November 3 2016 Saint Rocke


    Keller Williams

    Saint Rocke Hermosa Beach CA

    November 3 2016

    by Stevo Rood

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    On November 3rd, 2016, Keller Williams brought Kwahtro, his latest touring band, to Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA.  The club is an intimate setting for a few hundred people and features shows that bring the audience and the band in proximity.

    Zach Deputy, someone who has taken the same concept of Keller’s earlier career- a solo artist with looping and strong vocals and song- into the new millenium.  He did a solo opening set and then came out for Keller William’s fan favorite, ‘Butt Sweat’.  Zach Deputy continued on tour with Williams for the next two weeks throughout the west and the pairing seems to be one that they both are enjoying.

    This was the first time for me seeing Keller Williams. I’ve only seen his name and heard from others in the Jam scene who rave about his shows. A standout for me was their rendition of Eyes of the World  by the Grateful Dead which was really nice. I do not know their music, but the night was really enjoyable with everyone dancing and singing along.  

    The band that Williams assembled sounded great. The band, dubbed Kwahtro, featured Gibb Droll, Danton Boller and Rodney Holmes on drums.  Says Williams of the outfit, “The KWahtro is my evolution of Acoustic Dance Music.  Using my songs as a template for creations involving improvisational bursts of new disco, reggae, drum and bass and jazz swing afro trap, all with two acoustic guitars, double bass and drums.  This project is an attempt to bring my vision to life and as always, to entertain myself on stage, while hopefully entertaining you. ”  
    This concept certainly proved itself out that night.