Twiddle Woodlands Tavern Columbus, OH April 20, 2016 by Jack Jolieri of Rubix Wheel

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Peridoni, a jam band from Cincy, opened the show on the Tavern Side.  They sounded tight and put on an excellent set.  I had a delicious brisket sandwich from the kitchen as I watched them wow the audience.

Twiddle started up on the Main Stage in the band room, the other room in Woodlands Tavern.  At first glance, Twiddle looked like one of the most natural and musically cohesive groups I had seen in quite some time.  The bassist and keyboardist were trading solos during one of the earlier songs in the first set.

What this band seemed to be was a band of brothers, a group of real dudes who are exeptionaly talented and love to jam.  They even had custom made action figures on top of the bass and guitar half stacks.  The show was great and the place was packed to the gills.  I’d love to check out Twiddle at a festival or bigger venue.  It seems as though they were a tad big to play Woodlands.  But playing to a packed room of screaming fans can have it’s perks.

Twiddle is a four piece jam band from Vermont.  They had already toured much of the Northeast before graduating College.  They are scheduled for a lot of Festivals this Summer.   They mix sounds of jazz, jam, rap, reggae, soul, and folk to meld eclectic sets of music into epic live shows.  They’re a fun band to watch, and their sound is incredible.

Check out this Snippet from the 4/19 show:

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Set 1: Less Than Ostentatious[1], Wildfire, Beehop -> Ganja Medley[2], Invisible Ink, Syncopated Heailng, Earth Mama Lost In The Cold[3]

Set 2: Blueberry Tumble, Dr. Remid’s Melodium -> Too Many Puppies -> Dr. Remid’s Melodium, Frankenfoote[3], White Light Encore: Best Feeling[4]

Show Notes: This show was played as a part of the “Plumptydumpty” Tour. Earlier in the day the band performed without Brook at Studio A, 90.5 WCBE Columbus, OH Radio. The setlist was: Collective Pulse, Lost In The Cold and Daydream Farmer. “Less Than Ostentatious” was last played 2011-10-29 (463 shows). “Best Feeling” was last played 2015-10-11 (63 shows). [1] “Less Than Ostentatious” was unfinished. [2] “Ganja Medley” contained “Legalize It”, “Pass The Dutchie”, “Who’s Got The Herb?” and “Smoke Two Joints”. [3] “Lost In The Cold” and “Frankenfoote” featured Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks) on bass. [4] “Best Feeling” featured Zdenek on guitar, Mihali on keys and Dino Dimitrouleas (The Werks) on bass.

Jack from Rubix Wheel