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    Phish NYE 13 into14


    Time Travelling with Phish:

    UVM TO MSG December 31 2013  

    Madison Square Garden NY NY

    by Dave Brunyak


    Dave Brunyak is the guitarist and vocalist in The Phreaks:  New England’s Tribute to Phish.  Before starting The Phreaks in 2010, Dave led many original projects in the New England area and graduated at the top of his class from Berklee College of Music in 2007 with a degree in Songwriting and Music Education.  MSG NYE was his 48th Phish show and his third visit on New Year’s Eve to see his favorite band in New York (’02, ’11, ’13). 


    “As tenured Phans are concerned, I was a late bloomer onto Phish lot.  I graduated high school in 1999, spending most of it listening to classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and The Allman Brothers Band.  I came to find out that a lot of my friends were really into Phish and although I thought I had some idea of what they were up to, it took me until my first year at Plymouth State College (NH) in 2000 for me to really get hooked.  Of course by then, Phish had started their first hiatus and I’d have to wait more than two years to see them live.

    “My first show was MSG 12/31/02 and I was like ‘Are they ALL like this?!?’  That show, with the ‘Tom Hanks’ tease, snowfall and snow fairies, and a most epic balloon drop changed my perspective on what live shows could be like, what they SHOULD be like.  It also immediately left me wondering what I had missed.

    “I started exploring Phishtory, hoping to glean some insight on what it was like to be there when it was all happening.  ‘Bittersweet Motel’ helped a lot.  I was fascinated with the aura around the band and the lore that made being on the road with them so alluring.  I enjoyed engaging in conversation with Phans about their experiences, trying to learn whatever I could.  Some were disillusioned, saying to me, ‘It’s not the same’ and ‘You thought that was good?  You should’ve been at such and such…’  I decided I was going to create my own life experience with Phish.

    “I caught one Summer Tour show in 2004.  I didn’t go to Coventry.  It just wasn’t in the cards.  Before then, Phish had announced their break-up and it just didn’t feel right to be just getting started on tour with so much emotion in the air.  Through the years between then and 2009, I kept Phish as the background music to my life and when they announced that they were coming back, I knew it was time to seize the day.

    “I went to all three nights in Hampton ’09 (The first night being my favorite show until NYE ’13).  I went to Phenway.  I practically lived at SPAC.  I raged Superball.  46 of my 48 shows (including five at MSG) have been 3.0 shows.  They have all run together into one incredible experience, practically indivisible from each other carrying equally joyful sounds and experiences… until now.

    This year’s NYE performance brought me closer than ever to the band I’ve loved and now to whom I’ve dedicated my career.  With the ‘official’ date of Phish’s 30th anniversary passing before the MSG run, it was still anyone’s guess what the gag would be.  With the conclusion of the first set and the JEMP video appearing on the screen, we knew we were in for something special.  Upon realizing that the mic stands on the top of the truck were fashioned from hockey sticks, it became apparent that Phish had held out for the last show of the year to celebrate their anniversary!

     “…despite being an awesome cover band, they played nothing but originals (except Auld Lang Syne) across the entire 4 night run. I thought that was a great touch.”   Derek Kipp

    The second set with parts of Gamehenge in it brought me as close to the earliest events in Phishtory as I will ever come.  I finally had my piece, however small, of 1.0.  The 30 year montage that preceded the encore was special for me, too.  As the memories rolled by, those that witnessed each event cheered loudly for their part in creating what has become an anthology of experiences.  My first show appeared on the screen, followed by many images that I got to see in the flesh.  I cheered exuberantly!  My experiences were part of Phish lore, too.

    The most impactful moment of the night was in its final minutes.  As the words ‘Save the Date: 12/31/43’ rolled across the screen, the words Trey spoke about Phish playing for another 30 years hit home.  Phish is back… for good!  We’re in for many, many more life-affirming shows, journeys, and experiences.  I, for one, will see you there.  Let the good times roll!

    Set 1:
    AC/DC Bag
    A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
    The Divided Sky
    Sugar Shack
    Halfway to the Moon

    Set 2:Glide
    Colonel Forbin’s Ascent
    Fly Famous Mockingbird
    Fuck Your Face
    Split Open and Melt

    Set 3:
    Character Zero
    Auld Lang Syne
    (Robert Burns cover)
    Twenty Years Later
    Bouncing Around the Room
    You Enjoy Myself

    Show of Life


    The Phreaks phanatically recreate the music of Phish across New England and beyond.  They are celebrating their 100th show at Nectar’s in Burlngton, VT on Saturday, February 15th 2014.  Check out more about Dave and The Phreaks at and at