Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Long Arm Rex return to the Valley

Progression Brew in Northampton MA host Long Arm Rex on Friday January 10, 2020 So the Northampton music scene...

Wormtown Friday 2019

Photos by Vinny Natale unless otherwise indicated. Words by Live Music News and staff writer

Strangecreek Saturday 2019

Camp Keewanee in Greenfield MA hosted one of New England's favorite festivals and the Saturday marathon was one for the books.

Strangecreek FRI 2019

Strangecreek Campout May 24 2019 Camp Keewanee Greenfield, MA Spring bloomed in full force at the Strangecreek Campout in...

Strangecreek 2019 Thursday

The first night of the festival kicks things off for early Worms. May 23 2019 Camp Keewanee Greenfield MA.

Third Night Strangecreek Battle

The Stone Church Brattleboro VT hosts night three of the Strangecreek Battle of the Bands on March 25 2019

Round Two Strangecreek Battle

The Stone Church Brattleboro Vermont March 18 2019 I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about the Strangecreek battle...

Monday Battle Round One

Strangecreek Battle of the Bands, night one, The Stone Church, Brattleboro, VT. Whalom Park, The Dirty Vice Band, and...

Sunday Wormtown 2018

Wormtown Music Festival Camp Kee Wanee  Greenfield, MA September 16 2018   To submit a story or to just say...

Saturday Wormtown 2018

Wormtown Music festival Camp Kee Wanee  Greenfield, MA September 15 2018 by Miles Hurley and Live Music News and staff To submit a story...